15th February1998

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

Highest paid in Lanka

Who is the highest paid person in Sri Lanka?

Among those who will qualify for this title would be an Israeli Flight Instructor training pilots for the SLAF Kfir Squadron.

Insiders say he receives 40,000 US dollars per month or Rs 2.4 million.

It is not clear whether the money, paid out in foreign exchange, is tax free.

Fishy cops

A senior Police offi cial decided to visit the old Kelani Bridge one night to see how his men were performing security duties.

The bridge is closed for traffic during nights and there were hardly anyone present, not even the Cops.

The big man became suspicious and thought of checking it out personally.

His men were there on duty. They were trying their hand at some fishing. They are now in troubled waters.

Top names in the file

Some military top brass and top cops are among 120 persons to be indicted in Courts for human rights violations.

At a conference at the Foreign Ministry last week, a top official revealed that the files containing their cases were now before the Attorney General’s Department. He said Department officials had studied 30 cases so far and expressed the view there was sufficient evidence to indict them.

Off the record

How serious in fight ing in a security arm can get can be seen by the actions of a media promoter (of the same arm) last week.

After armed goondas stormed the house of a media man, the promoter was busy making calls to his friends in media.

It was a hot story - the goondas were sent by the number two to discredit number one.

Of course, the promoter was careful enough to say “I am telling you off the record.”

DPL sleuth in trouble

The talking point among sleuths these days is about one of their colleagues in an important European capital.

Though attached to the diplomatic mission, they say, he uses the facilities there more to service the needs of a Colombo based company with whom he enjoys a close relationship.

So much so, his angry boss has written him a strong letter. If he cannot find useful information about the enemy, our James Bond has been advised to pay (from State funds) and subscribe to publications put out by the enemy and send them home.

Why have sleuths to subscribe to publications.

It can be done direct, they say.

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