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6th April 1997

Who was that son of a gun at Temple Trees?

By Rajpal Abeynayake

Arafat pulled a gun on Madam President.

Rubbish. Arafat pulled a gun.

Yes, but Madam President was there.

Arafat pulled a gun. And Madam President was there. So you think Arafat pulled a gun on Madam President. What kind of logic captain....

Okay. But Arafat pulled a gun.

What do you mean he pulled a gun. He took a gun.

Okay so he took a gun. Then he twirled it around his little finger.

Actually, one paper says he patted the gun and said it's there.

That's right. Pulled a gun indeed.

But Madam President said he was a man of peace.

Troo trooo troo but a man of peace can have a gun no?

Man of peace can have a gun. Man of peace can have a gun. But why did he put it under his robes?

That's as bad as saying he pulled a gun ah? He needn't have it all over his body, right?. All he has to do is to have a gun.

Heh heh heh.

What do you mean heh heh heh?

No no nothing.

Can't be nothing — son of a gun — can't be nothing.

Every mother's son has a double barrel gun.

What nonsense. You have to get a license to get a gun. Except in America where schoolboys carry guns, so what harm with Arafat carrying a gun.

Shoot. Arafat is no schoolboy.

That maybe ....... but Arafat wears a uniform like a schoolboy.

So so what?

What do you mean so so what. Arafat wears a uniform, and his gun is part of his uniform. Gun is part of his uniform. Nice try nice try.

What do you mean nice try. Adey, Churchill called Mahatlma Gandhi a half naked fakir, but that was part of his uniform.

What was part of his uniform.

The undressed upper body.

So Gandhi was a naked gun. Nonsense. Pissu. Gandhi naked, Arafat gun. That's what I'm saying.

But Arafat's gun was under the robe, ahh.


Gandhi was naked in the open.


Arafat was carrying the gun closed.

So so so? Adey don't come with these hair splitting arguments brother. Uniform means uniform. What is this open and closed.

Nakedness is Ahimsa no? Nakedness is ahimsa. That is the difference.

Are you out of your mind. Nakedness is ahimsa? Bull. You think they censor nakedness in films for nothing? You think nakedness is very innocent brother?. You are mad, brother. Nakedness can kill. How many fellows go astray because of these naked movies. Nakedness is worse than shooting.

Nakedness worse than shooting. So you think if Arafat came naked it would have been worse.

Respect respect.... respect called for brother. Why do you want Arafat to come naked.

Of course of course ... no disrespect...I respect Gandhi also — even if he was half naked.

Who is Gandhi? Who is Arafat? Gandhi was peace peace peace. No game ah. Arafat , war — and then peace. Major achievement.

But Arafat was told not to take the gun to the White House when he met Rabin.

What is this White House. Gandhi also went to the White House.....and Churchill called him a half naked fakir.

Churchill was never in the White House.

I say, don't come with this hair splitting arguments. Gun is not the thing. Temple Trees lawn is not like the White House lawn.

You mean guns are allowed in the Temple Trees lawn.

Certain guns.

Big guns?

Big guns.

Then why are they closing the road and doing all the kollopan. They can say guns welcome roads open no?

Pissoo pisoo pisoo. I said big guns no adey. Big guns!.

But Arafat had a small gun.

Adey, modaya modaya. Metaphorically, modaya, metaphorically. Arafat would have been a small gun in the White House lawn no.

White House Temple Trees. It's a big difference.

Big difference must be big no? Like big gun?

Adey you have mixed your metaphors. You are like a smoking gun. Gung-ho. Without being silly, be a man. You have to bite the bullet, understand. Bite the bullet.

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