27th October 1996

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

What's wrong

That good intelligence is half the battle won is a military truism.

However, some over enthusiastic intelligence interpretations have resulted in quixotic ventures.

Not too long ago our own ''spymaster'', James Banda, whilst on a stint of duty overseas tried penetrating US intelligence by attempting to win over, in not too subtle a manner, the services of the woman soldier chauffeur of his staff car.....a fanciful opportunist or a 007 fantasist.

A valiant effort though that be, it's pedestrian albeit sexy compared to some schemes dreamed up by other Int Boffins.

Now comes the news that some financial transactions, among other serious allegations, of a spymaster is to be probed.

Kabul tie up

Two of LTTE supremo, Velupillai Prabha karan's, emissaries are feared missing in action.

The duo, said to be on a second visit to Kabul many weeks ago, fled for safety after the Taleban Militia over-ran the capital.

Reports say they were negotiating with Gulubuddin Hekmetyar's faction to secure a large arms shipment.

Tiger intelligence boss, Pottu Amman is said to be eagerly awaiting news of what happened to the two-member purchase mission.

It's fishy

In the backdrop of a reported arms shipment due, is the LTTE attempting to prevent deep sea fishing off the eastern coast?

Some senior security officials seem to think so.

They believe this is the reason why Sea Tiger cadres seized six deep sea trawlers some 18 miles off the coast of Vakarai (Batticaloa district) last week. The fishermen were blindfolded and taken on board a Sea Tiger craft.

Two of them have been freed to return with a message to the next of kin of the hostages - a ransom of Rs. 100,000 to release each fisherman.

That does not include the trawlers. The demand also carries a warning - no deep sea fishing in the area in future.

Shady moves

Remember the total black out in May, this year, following the Ceylon Electricity Board strike.

Well, our Spymasters have now discovered something.

They say the LTTE used the total darkness to shift to more secure locations its weapons/explosives in hideouts in the city and suburbs.

The news has now reached the sleuths. But they still do not know where the hideouts are located.

Love nest

Plain clothed bodyguards of a man in uniform created quite a bit of sensation in a Southern City suburb recently.

They have been deployed well ahead of the boss's arrival. There was no official function or a covert operation.

He was on his regular chore of visiting his girl friend.

They say the ''extra security'' in the area has now become standard routine.

And the neighbours know there is no cause for alarm.

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