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Menuri and the Ladybird

Menuri stared at the bright red, blob like tiny creature on the leaf. It had tiny black spots on it. Her grandmother was clearing under the rose-bed. She turned around to look at the little girl, wondering why she went suddenly silent. “What is it darling?” she asked the little girl who was staring at [...]

Kids Essays

A day in Candyland Candyland is a very exciting place. It has a chocolate castle. There are lolly trees. In the corner where the marshmallow flowers are, a chocolate river flows with chewing-gum boats. The roof is filled with coco icing and there is a jelly road to enter the castle. Inside there are pictures [...]

The Prince and Princess International 2018

The Prince and Princess International 2018, an international pageant for children and teens, took place from July 23 – 30, 2018 in Phuket, Thailand. Kaweesha Thebuwanarachchi and  Jamila Esufally were chosen to represent Sri Lanka after winning the National competition ‘Little King and Queen 2018’. Nine year old Kaweesha from St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy had [...]

The 53rd Colombo Scout Camporee

The 53rd Colombo Scout Camporee

The 53rd Colombo Scout Camporee was held at Viharamahadevi Park, on August 11 – 13, 2018. Pix by M. A. Pushpa Kumara

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