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Of fraudulent transactions and ‘slush funds’

Of fraudulent transactions and ‘slush funds’

By B.Anton Jeyanathan, DIG, SLP (Rtd.) Webster’s Dictionary defines SLUSH FUND as “a fund for bribing public officers or carrying on corruptive propaganda”. Currently, the people have been inundated with news and information both in the print and the electronic media of money obtained from a company which has come to disrepute due to the [...]

America’s Trump card diplomacy and its residual ripples

Around the world, President Trump is possibly the most disliked,criticized and misunderstood American leader ever . According to President Trump,the media is much to blame for this state of affairs. There is some truth in this. Take for example the reaction to the recent “historic” summit between the US President and the North Korean leader [...]

Lessons from experiencing an earthquake first hand in Japan

Lessons from experiencing an earthquake first hand in Japan

As an English teacher in a Japanese high school I have been living in Japan for the last four and a half years – and I have become used to earthquakes. Occasionally I can feel the earth shaking ever so slightly and I just ignore it. This happens almost every month! Japanese school students are [...]

Trump undermines himself on trade

WASHINGTON, DC – US President Donald Trump recently launched a tirade against Harley-Davidson, the iconic American manufacturer of motorcycles. The cause of his outburst – accompanied by threats to impose taxes “like never before” on the company – was the news that Harley plans to invest in new manufacturing operations outside of the United States. [...]

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