Water is the most valuable gift of nature. It is a basic need for human life. Not only humans, animals and plants also need water. Life on earth can’t exist without water. About 70 percent of the earth is covered with water. Therefore the earth we live in is called the  ‘Blue Planet’. People use [...]

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Water is the most valuable gift of nature.
It is a basic need for human life. Not only humans, animals and plants also need water. Life on earth can’t exist without water.
About 70 percent of the earth is covered with water. Therefore the earth we live in is called the  ‘Blue Planet’. People use water for many things. We use water for drinking, washing clothes and vehicles, bathing and cultivation. Water is used to generate hydro power too. People get water from the rain, sea, lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

In Sri Lanka we get water from the rain throughout the year. We should always is pure water for our daily needs especially drinking. If we use polluted water we undergo many water-related diseases such as cholera, hepatitis and diarrhoea. According to the World Health Organisation, more than 30 percent of the world population do not get clean drinking water. Some countries have to import drinking water.
Water gets polluted in many ways. It affects us in many ways. If we pollute water we will have to face many difficulties. Therefore wastage of water should be minimised and water pollution should be stopped. ‘No Water – No World.’

Himasha Pinto (9 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

My favourite author
I read a lot of books, so there are lots of authors I like but my favourite author is Roald Dahl. His books are very funny and they make me laugh. They also have good stories. Before he was an author, he was a pilot. He served in the Royal Air Force. His most frightening moment was in a RAF Hurricane in 1941. If he wasn’t an author he would have liked to be a doctor.
He wrote all his books in his own little ‘writing hut’. It was white with a yellow front door. Roald Dahl loved making up new words and poems. He often made them up in his bath.
His illustrator was Quentin Blake and his secretary was Wendy. My favourite Roald Dahl book is ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’.
I wish I could be a great author like him some day but my ambition is to be a scientist.

Zahara Rameez (8 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

My favourite game
My favourite game is Hopscotch.
It is very interesting and enjoyable.
There are eight squares drawn on the ground for this game. We play it with a dried mango seed.
This game is wonderful. I can play this game with many friends. Therefore I can make a lot of friends from this game. Not only that, this game makes us brainy as we have to think carefully to throw the seed into the right square. What is more, hopping and picking up the seed is really fantastic!

Senuri Dulasha (Grade 7)
Mahamaya Girls’ School, Nugegoda

Our kitchen
Our kitchen is small but it is very tidy. Its tools and objects are in place. There is a refridgerator, a gas cooker, a pantry, pans, plates, crockery, a jug, cups, a kettle, a rocking chair to sit on, mortar and pestle etc., in my kitchen. There is a rug to wipe our feet too.
Our mother cooks in the kitchen.

We make fast food too. Sometimes we make pastries, cookies, pizzas and other things out of the oven. There is not a single fly in our kitchen. My mother does a lot of work to keep our kitchen clean. Otherwise if the flies came and perched on our food, it may lead to certain diseases. Our mother puts some Vim liquid on the pantry and wipes it. She cleans the sink and sweeps and mops the floor. Sometimes she empties the cupboards and takes the dishes out and cleans it too. She always does her very best (me too) to keep our kitchen clean.

Sinali Bethmage (11 years)
Musaeus College

A picnic I enjoyed
Last month our class teacher took us for a picnic. It was a lovely experience.
We went to a garden near our school.
We were asked to carry some food. Some of us carried fruits, some carried cakes and some carried snacks. We also took along bats, balls and other games.

In the morning we boarded the school bus and left for the rock garden. Once we reached there our teacher helped us select a comfortable place to sit. After eating we played a lot of games. Our teacher also played with us. After that we went for a walk around the garden.
In the afternoon we were all hungry and tired. We sat together and had our lunch. Then our teacher read out lovely stories. We all sat listening to her. After that she took us back to the bus and we all came back to school.
I will never forget this picnic as this was the first time I went for a picnic with my school friends and had great fun.

Kisan Amarasinghe (9 years)
Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa

My pet
My pet is a cat named Simmy.
She is seven years old. My parents always carry her and cherish her a lot. They consider her as their younger daughter and as a result she is called Sudu Nona.

Simmy was born to a caring mother who has admirable qualities. This cat was the eldest of their family. She had one sister and one brother, namely Sippy and Tiny. Though Simmy was a girl, she was the biggest spoilsport.

Later on Simmy had to leave her two siblings and her mum. With the departure from her mother, Simmy’s character changed immensely.
She started to learn things on her own. She learned to cross the road better than people. At the age of three Simmy was stabilized.
Now Simmy is a middle aged cat and has a sweetheart as well. As Simmy is the only tabby cat living in our area, she pretends that she is a crown cat. Simmy’s hobby is sleeping. She is lazy as well as crazy. Simmy is very clever at waking up people by ringing a noisy bell with her mouth.

But to tell the truth, it is hard to stay without her. Whenever she is not at home or she keeps silent, the whole house seems to be like a library. Actually Simmy is murderously innocent. Yet in spite of her crazy antics, we wouldn’t be without Simmy.

Shenelle Munasinghe (Grade 10)
Yoshida Int. School

Many animals sleeping more or less is called hibernation. It gives protection from the cold in winter. When they can’t keep their normal temperature and the food is frozen they hibernate. Animals who hibernate, store food before they sleep. They do not grow when hibernating. For some of the animals the heart beats once or twice a minute.
When they hibernate animals look for shelter. Bears and bats sleep in caves, frogs bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of ponds. Squirrels sleep in nests but wake up on hot days.

Aroshi Perera (Grade 5)
Sussex College, Bandarawela

My name is Nathasha Tharushi Rathnayake.
I am eight years old. I live in Pilawala, Kandy. I am in Grade Three. My mother’s name is Manori. My father’s name is Sunil. My school is Dumbara Royal Primary School. I have a brother.
I like to eat apples. I can dance.

Nathasha Rathnayake (Grade 3)
Dumbara Royal P. S.

The moon
The moon is a big ball of rock. It is very close to the Earth. It has no light of its own. It shines because of the sunlight. It changes its shape every night.
The Moon is Earth’s satellite. It goes around the Earth.

Desandi Dewhara (Grade 2)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

The Sun
The Sun is a very hot ball of fire.
It gives us light and heat. We can see the sun during the day. The sun is very, very far from us.
It is bigger than the Earth. The Earth travels around the Sun. The Sun helps plants to grow.

Tirusha Nimsara (Grade 2)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

Millions of years ago, long before there were human beings, there were dinosaurs.
They controlled the earth for thousands of years. Dinosaurs are the best known prehistoric animals.
The name Dinosaur means terrible lizard. This name however is not correct because dinosaurs are not lizards. Dinosaurs mainly lived on land.
The largest dinosaur was over
100 feet in length, 50 feet tall. Everybody likes dinosaurs. Mostly they like T-Rex. Dinosaurs died out suddenly around 60,000 years ago because the climate changed.

Amaan Gazali (Grade 3)
Sussex College, Kandy

World Scout Movement
Scouting in an international movement, established about a century ago. Global Scouting was a project founded by Lord Robert Baden Powell
in 1907. The motto of Scouting is ‘Be Prepared’ as, Scouts should always be ready to take up any challenge.
The aim of Scouting is to produce good citizens who are well disciplined. Scouting for boys and girls now takes an important place in education. Scouts are awarded badges for proficiency in different activities like cooking, first aid, swimming, camping etc.

Scouting was first introduced in Sri Lanka by a district engineer in the Public Works Department, Matale.
He was none other than F. G. Stephens. Nowadays, every school builds up a Scout troop. Scouts now have to cook a simple meal, know how to use a compass, how to save someone from drowning and how to pitch a tent. They have the strength to take up any challenge. Sri Lankan Scout Association works according to the World Scout Bureau. I am so glad to be a Scout in our Scout troop.

Sadeesa Wijetunge (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Ratnapura

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