I had the good fortune or, merit, to meet with ‘Dr’ Aliyantha White, thanks to the benevolence and kindness of Lasith Malinga, our cricket hero. I feel compelled to share my story with the Sri Lankans, who may benefit from similar consultations with ‘Dr’ White in the future. Here is my story. I had knee [...]


‘Dr’ Aliyantha White- Miracle Man in our Midst


Sidath, Malinga and 'Dr.' Aliyantha posing

I had the good fortune or, merit, to meet with ‘Dr’ Aliyantha White, thanks to the benevolence and kindness of Lasith Malinga, our cricket hero.

I feel compelled to share my story with the Sri Lankans, who may benefit from similar consultations with ‘Dr’ White in the future. Here is my story.

I had knee surgery 18-years-ago, and have had recurring pains when playing sports, ever since. With use, and a natural deterioration in my knees, I was concerned that the pain would become unbearable, and felt I should consult a doctor regarding a treatment to safeguard my knee in the years to come. I reached out to Lasith Malinga for some advice, as I knew he suffered from bad knees. He told me that, 9-years-ago the state of his knees were so dire that he had been written off as a cricketer by his doctors. Yet, today, he still plays cricket at the highest level, due to the treatment he received from ‘Dr’ White.

That very day, Lasith took me to meet ‘Dr’ White. My meeting with him was a revelation. When I told him of a problem with my knee, he put his finger on the point of pain almost intuitively. Then he told me this was a very simple problem to treat. He went on to check my pulse and told me of an additional problem he could detect. He said I was experiencing the onset of arthritic problems, and asked me if the soles of my feet hurt when I take my first few steps getting out of bed in the morning. I confirmed this and told him that, in fact, I had been suffering with this for over two years, and had accepted it as an ageing process compounded by the wear and tear of my sports activities.

He assured me that all these issues could be resolved, in 3 days! My first treatment was given that same visit at 6.30 pm. He then stunned me by demonstrating some incredible psychic abilities, and also enthralled me with stories of many healings he had performed. I went home feeling very positive and inspired by this rare human being.

The next morning, I was amazed to feel no pain whatsoever, in my knee or, in the soles of my feet, when I got out of bed and walked. The treatment continued for two more days and to date, I have no pain, either on waking up or, doing any form of exercise, in my knees or in the soles of my feet.

My story, however, pales into insignificance, when I heard stories of Sachin Tendulkar’s miraculous treatment between 2009 and 2010.

In the first instance, Tendulkar had a damaged knee joint and was struggling with his fitness. When the pain became acute, with suggestions that a knee replacement may be required, ‘Dr’ White was introduced to Tendulkar, who received emergency treatment. According to ‘Dr’ White, it took only 180 minutes. Tendulkar took to the field after two weeks of this treatment and, in his very first 50-over match, scored over 200 runs. When the baffled media queried on how he managed to survive without any hindrance from his ailing knees, Tendulkar informed them of the treatment he had received from ‘Dr’ White, whom he referred to as the “Miracle Doctor”. A few months later, during IPL 2010, Tendulkar yet again received the healing of ‘Dr’ White, when he injured his fingers in the semifinals. Tendulkar was flown into BIA in a private jet, for the express purpose of receiving treatment from ‘Dr’ White, and was treated at the BIA’s VIP lounge. Following ‘Dr’ White’s treatment, Tendulkar flew back to India and, two days later, played in the IPL cricket final. Doctors had speculated that only a miracle could get Tendulkar to take the field for the finals!

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More recently, ‘Dr’ White healed Mumbai Indian cricketer Krunal Pandya, who injured his hip, three weeks prior to the IPL 2017 finals. Lasith Malinga, who is a colleague of Pandya’s, recommended getting ‘Dr’ White, as Pandya’s doctors had recommended many weeks of rest, to allow a torn tendon, as revealed in the MRI, to heal. The Mumbai Indians could not afford to lose Pandya, and flew in ‘Dr’ White, who worked on Pandya for the next 48 hours. Against all odds, he not only played in the finals but was adjudged Man of the Match, for both his batting and bowling contributions, which helped Mumbai Indians clinch the title by 1 run!

I have, in my time, met many great doctors from different walks of life, and have a healthy respect for all of them. I have also witnessed some miraculous events that cannot be understood or explained by simple science. For me, ‘Dr’ White’s healing, which uses herbs from the deep Himalayan range, is extraordinary, and I am very grateful to have benefited from his spiritual powers.

According to ‘Dr’ White, a major Indian conglomerate is currently working with him to create a hospital unit for the treatment of 10 extremely rare diseases, which ‘Dr’ White has had success in healing.

I find it sad that, we Sri Lankans do not appear to appreciate or value this miracle man in our midst or, give him due recognition for his many feats of healing. Numerous illustrious household names in India, aware of ‘Dr’ White’s phenomenal healing abilities, besiege ‘Dr’ White to treat them. My fervent hope is that, Sri Lanka wakes up fast and avoids the loss of this national treasure to others, who appear to value him more.

Sidath Wettimuny   


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