An educational trip We went on an educational trip to Kalutara and Galle on a Thursday morning. We reached the Richmond Bungalow Kalutara (built and named after the founder). It had 16 rooms, 99 pillars, with a large hall equipped with a rare and unusual natural air-conditioning facility. The cooling system was generated by the [...]

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An educational trip
We went on an educational trip to Kalutara and Galle on a Thursday morning. We reached the Richmond Bungalow Kalutara (built and named after the founder). It had 16 rooms, 99 pillars, with a large hall equipped with a rare and unusual natural air-conditioning facility. The cooling system was generated by the stream waters that flowed from the wooden structures installed underneath the floor. This ensured a cool and fresh supply of air to the entire bungalow.
It was something novel and wonderful.

The Hikkaduwa Turtle Hatchery afforded us a view of some of the rare species of turtles and their eggs.
At the Galle Fort we had an enjoyable lunch. After a walk down the sea beach we visited the Martin Wickramasinghe Museum and viewed some of the exhibits on display that were invented during his period.
This was the final place that we visited. We were all now tired after a hectic day’s activities. We bade farewell to Kalutara and finally reached Colombo at about 10.30 p.m., with fond memories of an enjoyable trip.

Thameena Asri (11 years)
Fathima Muslim M. V., Colombo 13

The guava tree
There is a guava tree in front of our house. We planted it three years ago. It grew very fast and many birds and squirrels started visiting the tree daily.

One day we saw many flowers on its branches. After some time fruits appeared and more birds and squirrels started visiting the tree. The fruits started ripening and we too began to taste them. They were red inside and quite juicy and delicious.

The guava tree gives us shade, fruits and animal friends. All the children like the guava tree and read books on the bench near the tree watching birds, butterflies, squirrels and monkeys. Sometimes we are able to share guavas among our friends and neighbours. We all love our guava tree and hope to take care of it for many more years.

Rohini Ramaraj (10 years)
Mahamathya Vidyalaya, Athurugiriya

My sister
I have a sister. She is Sarasi Sammani.
She is four years old. Sometimes she fights with me, drags my hair and pushes me. She plays with me.
Her favourite colour is red. Her favourite food is noodles but she doesn’t like bananas. She can dance well. I love her very much. She is my very own sister. My sister is very good. I love to fight with her.

Ravindi Jithmini (9 years)
Vidyakara Girls’ School, Maharagama

The beach
Calm and quiet
This is the perfect place to rest
Come and sit on the golden sand
And watch the sun go to his rest

The sound of waves
The salty smell in the air
The playful children run everywhere
The wind plays with my hair

Dinithi Karunaratna (Grade 6)
Musaeus College

My name is Shakhan. I’m in Grade One at Zahira College, Colombo. My favourite drink is orange juice. My favourite food is mixed fried rice. My friend’s name is Ayan. I like to play football.

Shakhan Bin Razeed (7 years)
Zahira College, Colombo

Scrabble is an indoor game played by 2 – 4 players. It is a word game which is played by placing letters on the board to make words. Each letter contains a number which is added to your score. Each player has seven tiles. The player with the highest score is the winner of the game.

Scrabble is a brain developing game. It also improves your English and your vocabulary. You learn many new words each time you play a game of Scrabble and these new words may be used in writing essays and stories. By playing Scrabble you improve your spellings too.

When you play Scrabble, it relaxes your brain and it also helps you when you are stressed out. This game is very easy to learn and it is very enjoyable. Once you start playing the game, it motivates you towards learning more about it and also scoring more points.

When you play Scrabble continuously, you gain more experience and discover new ways to score more and at the same time distract your opponent. Scrabble is a very useful and enjoyable game. It is played by both children and elders. Learn to play this game, it is amazing! At the beginning you may always lose but don’t give up. Try over and over again and you will succeed one day.

Amal Gaffoor (12 years)
Royal Institute Girls’ School

Atomic bomb
Atomic bomb is a very powerful nuclear weapon in the world. Indeed,
it can cause much devastation. Actually, Robert Oppenheimer (1904 – 1967) made the atomic bomb. He is known as the ‘Father of the Atomic Bomb’.

He was an American physicist. He was the senior scientist of the team that developed the atomic bomb to be dropped in Japan in 1945.

When it comes to the history of the atomic bomb, in 1945, two atomic bombs were dropped on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As a result, it caused havoc there.

After the war, Robert Oppenheimer argued for the peaceful use of nuclear power. Not only that, but also, the atomic bomb generated a black scar on his life.

When it comes to nuclear fusion, the released particles named neutrons strike other heavy atoms and make them split. This causes a chain reaction. Large amounts of energy are produced in this reaction.
May nuclear blasts not occur in the world again.

Neranjan Piger
St. John’s College, Panadura

My favourite person
My favourite person is my mother. She is very beautiful. She looks after me very well. Her hobby is reading books. She helps me in my studies. She is a Maths teacher. She is very kind. She cooks tasty dishes.
I love my mother and she loves me too.

Nisumi Perera (Grade 3)
British Int. School, Kalutara


My village
My village is Kalundewa. My village is beautiful. There is a school in my village. My village has different houses. I love my village.

Subodani Kumari (Grade 5)
Mahasen K.V., Dambulla

My name is Dehemi Senara.
I am eight years old. I live in Meegama.
I am a Buddhist. I go to temple on Poya days.
I love my school. I have many friends,
My father is Janaka. My mother is Nadeesha. My brother is Sanutha. I love them very much.

Dehemi Senara (8 years)
Meegama K.V.

Water is a resource given us by nature. As soon as we hear water you will think of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. All living beings need water. Without water we can’t survive. Water is essential for existence of all living beings. It is commonly found in liquid state. Water covers more than 70% of the earth. Water that can be consumed is 0.01%.
Water is used to drink. Water needs to be purified before you use it. The flowing water carries minerals, mud and sand particles along with it. All these things make pure water dirty. You can purify water by buying a filter, by boiling and by taking rain water filtering. So water has many uses. We can drink and do other things.
So everyone needs to protect water and purify it.

Shakeena Asaf (Grade 7)
Al-Manar Int. School, Wattala

My garden
I have a beautiful home garden. It is small but I keep it very clean. There are lots of flowers and vegetable beds in it. I take vegetables from our garden. There are brinjals, beans, chillie and yams in it. Roses, jasmines and anthuriums are also in my garden. I water them every day. There is a pond in it. Little birds and butterflies come to my garden. I love my garden very much.

Dilanjali Kumari (Grade 5)
Mahasen K.V., Dambulla

My country
My country is Sri Lanka, a small island surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is called the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and was once called the ‘Granary of the East’.
Many foreigners love visiting our country because of its beaches, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, forests, rubber estates,
tea estates etc…
The highest waterfall in Sri Lanka is Bambarakanda Falls. The highest mountain is Piduruthalagala. Sri Lanka’s longest river is Mahaweli River.
We are a peaceful nation. Four religions are practiced in our country; they are Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.
The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. Volleyball is the national game of Sri Lanka. The national animal is the Giant Squirrel and the national bird is the Jungle Fowl.
Sri Lanka’s current president is
His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena,
while the current prime minister is Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe. The first president of Sri Lanka was Sir. William Gopallawa, while the first prime minister was Hon. D. S. Senanayake.
There are many interesting places in our country, like Sinharaja Forest, Dehiwela Zoo, Sigiriya etc.
I love my motherland and I’m proud to call myself a Sri Lankan.

Muhammad Azwardeen (13 years)Handessa

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