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Christmas time in Haputale

Christmas time in Haputale

By Shireen Senadhira It was 5 p. m., and many parents were trickling in through the gates of a plantation in Haputale, as invited. They took their seats in the garden looking towards the large porch of the house where a stage was set up. Miss. Annie was the plantation owner and she was having [...]

Kids Essays

My trip to Matale In August my family went on an exciting trip to Matale. First, we went to Kandy town where my siblings and I went on a roller-coaster. It was scary and I was thankful when my feet finally touched mother earth. The next day we left to our destination, Senasuma Holiday Resort [...]

Wiz Kidz International Montessori Fantasy Land 2016

Wiz Kidz International Montessori  Fantasy Land 2016

‘Fantasy Land 2016′ was staged by the students of ¬†Wiz Kidz International Montessori on December 4, 2016 at the British School Auditorium. Pix by M. A. Pushpa Kumara

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