What is Global Warming The Earth is getting warmer. This is called ‘Global Warming’. In some parts of the world, the weather is already starting to change. Dry parts of the world are getting drier and deserts are getting bigger. Global warming is caused by too much carbon-dioxide and other harmful gases in the Earth’s [...]

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What is Global Warming

The Earth is getting warmer.
This is called ‘Global Warming’. In some parts of the world, the weather is already starting to change. Dry parts of the world are getting drier and deserts are getting bigger.

Global warming is caused by too much carbon-dioxide and other harmful gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. Cars, factories and power plants produce these gases. People in the modern world are using cars and other electrical equipment more and more, so the situation is getting worse.

Trees and plants help prevent global warming. They take
carbon-dioxide from the air and they turn it into oxygen. But millions of trees are cut down every year.
We can help reduce global warming. Don’t waste electricity. Don’t travel by car or bus when you can walk or cycle and don’t throw away paper in the rubbish – recycle it and save trees!

Lithmini Weerakoon (12 years)
Sussex College, Nugegoda

My pet
My pet is a cat.
Its colour is brown. It likes to eat fish. It can catch mice. Kitty plays with me. I love my Kitty.

Dilna Liyanadurage (Grade 2)
St. Michael’s College, Homagama

I’m a parrot
I am a bird. My body is green and my beak is red in colour. I fly in the sky. I eat rice and fruits. I live in a nest. I have two wings to fly. I have two legs. People say that I’m the most beautiful bird.

Ranali Kodikara (Grade 3)
Bishop’s College

My name is Githmi. I am seven years old.
I go to Musaeus College. I am in Grade 3G.
I live in Pepiliyana.
I am tall. I have short hair. I am fair. I like to read books. My favourite colour is orange.
I like to play badminton. I have a sister.
My best friend is Diyana. My favourite
subject is English. I am pretty. I like dolls.

Githmi Sirimana (7 years)
Musaeus College

The Pihimbiya Tree
The garden seemed strange to Mary. Even the red roses, her favourites, were looking sulky. The huge coconut trees that gently swayed and blew a cool breeze were standing upright today. The whole garden resembled a funeral house. Uncomfortable at the silence, she approached the red rose tree. “What’s the matter?” she asked, concerned. “You asked your parents to cut down the Pihimbiya tree!” said the rose tree angrily.

Before Mary could respond, the poetic coconut tree said in a hoarse voice, “Why cut down the Pihimbiya tree who is the wife of the God of Kindness? Look how beautiful she is! So tall and her leaves resemble a shrub growing on a pole. She will soon be bearing fruit and all the birds will meet to quench their thirst from the juicy sap. Even the humming birds are planning to build a nest inside her shrub – safe from all dangers! You drank the syrup made from her bark, crying that it was too sour, but didn’t it heal your fractured arm? You are ungrateful, that’s what you are!”

Mary was taken aback. She never thought the trees she loved would talk to her like this. “I’ll see what I can do,” she said and ran off. The next day, Mary was greeted by cool winds and the ground was strewn with pink and white blossoms. The garden looked like a paradise. Mary smiled at the Pihimbiya Tree. She knew that she had made a new friend.

Anjalee Handaragama (Class 10)
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Nugegoda


Flying over hills  and valleys
The sky
is so high
The wind blows by
Larks fly
in the air
Over the hills and valleys

I wish I could fly
As the larks fly
And here I fly
Over hills and valleys

I see cities in small size
Which make a pretty sight
Houses and buildings all look alike
Over hills and valleys

The wind blows by me so quick
Attacking my head but I will try
I will use my strength and fly
Over the hills and valleys

What a beautiful scene it is
From the top of the hills I see
Makes me full of joy
Over the hills and valleys

I wish my peers were here
With me to enjoy this sight
My dreams reach its peak
Over the hills and valleys

Though I am caged
By my responsibilities
My mind flies like a lark
Over the hills and valleys

Methma Abeywickrama
(12 years) Vidura College

Green tea is one of the latest crazes among the young and old here. Research shows that those who drink green tea
every day have a lower death rate from all types of cancer.
Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea. However, unlike black tea, green tea is made by lightly steaming the plant’s freshly cut leaves. Green tea is about twenty times more effective than
Vitamin E in getting rid of toxins which
are harmful materials in the body.
It is believed that when taken first thing in the morning or in the middle of the day, it makes one more alert. It is not addictive and it does not cause one to lose sleep. Green tea also helps to kill bacteria and is often used by old folks for stomach upsets and food poisoning. This same ability to kill bacteria also helps to prevent bad breath and dental decay.

Lehan Nalagamage (Grade) 8)
Mahinda College, Galle

My fish
My dad and two of his friends made a nice big fish tank for us in our garden. It’s made out of bricks and it’s 10 feet long. Along the edges of the tank it’s decorated with corals.
There are lots of lovely ornamental fish in it, namely, Koicarp, Oscary, Angel and Gold fish. We feed the fish three times a day. My brother and I enjoy putting fish food as the fish jump up and down with an open mouth. It’s nice to watch the fish moving around the tank as they swim around nicely.
My father changes the water and cleans the fish tank and he puts medicine too. Having a fish tank is one of my hobbies. I like my fish tank very much.

Sajjad Sabri (Grade 3)
Sussex College, Galle tank

My village
My village is Hunnasgiriya. It is a cold place. Hunnasgiriya is surrounded with mountains. My village is very calm and beautiful. There are nice temples, schools, hospitals and buildings. My village has a small town. Many tourists visit my village. I love my village.

Sumedha Madusanka (8 years)
Vidyaloka M.V., Kandy

My classroom
My class is Std. 3A. There are tables, desks, calendars and a fan. There are fourteen pupils in the class. There are nine boys and
five girls. Our class teacher is
Mrs. Chamari Madam. Our principal is Mr. Wijesiri Hettiarachchi.
My classmates are good and kind. My classroom is big. I keep my class room clean and tidy. I love my class very much.

Subadra (Grade 3)
Jennings Int. College,

The jungle
The jungle is green in colour. The jungle is green in colour because there are lots of trees in the jungle. There are animals in the jungle and we call them jungle animals.

There are waterfalls in the jungle. There are medicinal trees. There are beautiful flowers in the jungle. Because of the jungle our world is beautiful. The jungle is the best place to live. Some people are destroying the jungle.
We have to protect the jungle.

Udara Weerasekara (Grade 3)
Vidyaloka Model School, Hingurakgoda

We must respect and care for our elders. They are the senior citizens of our country. Elders have gained wisdom through experience. When people grow old they become physically and mentally weak. At that time, we should never neglect them and instead care for them. If not for them, the present generation would not exist.
Elders need love and companionship, else they feel lonely. We should make them feel that they are accepted in the society.
If children are taught to respect elders and care for them, there would be less elders’ homes in our country.
In some countries, elders are well looked after. They are given special attention in hospitals, on trains and buses. Children should learn to respect elders.

Elaxy Umayamgama (Grade 5)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle



An unforgettable day  in my life
An unforgettable day in my life was a trip with my friends. That was a trip to Yapahuwa. That was my first trip in my life with my class friends. I went with my friends early in the morning. We started our journey at about six-thirty in the morning. Our teacher in charge was
Mrs. Swarna madam. We sang and danced in the bus. That was very joyful.
We had our meals near a river. We saw many temples, frescoes, paintings and statues and ruins in Yapahuwa. That was very important and useful for our history subjects. We enjoyed and we learnt useful information on our trip to Yapahuwa.

Rizna Ifthikar (11 years)

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