My favourite author My favourite author is the late  Mr. Martin Wickramasinghe. He was born in 1890 in Koggala in Galle. He did his studies in Galle but couldn’t continue. At the age of 16 he started doing a job. Later he published his first book. He wrote many novels. His most famous book is ‘Gam [...]

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My favourite author

My favourite author is the late  Mr. Martin Wickramasinghe. He was born in 1890 in Koggala in Galle. He did his studies in Galle but couldn’t continue. At the age of 16 he started doing a job.
Later he published his first book.

He wrote many novels. His most famous book is ‘Gam Peraliya’. He wrote short stories as well. He was a critic too. He wrote books on Sinhala culture and Buddhism. He is the first ever Sinhalese writer to write on Science in Sinhala.
Mr. Wickramasinghe was a journalist too. He worked in newspapers like Dinamina and Silumina. He was the editor of both these papers. People call him the greatest ever Sinhala writer. That is because he wrote on many fields. He wrote novels like ‘Soma’, ‘Rohini’, ‘Yuganthaya’, ‘Madol Duwa’, ‘Kali Yugaya’ etc. ‘Wahallu’ is his most famous short story. He published nine short story books. He wrote in English too.

Ahamed Shukri (13 years)
D. S. Senanayake College

My mother
My mother’s name is Shehani. She is 41 years old. She likes to eat fried rice. She likes to drink Portello. She helps me to do my studies well. Her hair is short. She loves to watch TV. Her birthday is on February 27.
I love my mother very much.

Kiara Silva (Grade 3)
St. Bridget’s Convent

My sister
My sister’s name is Fathima Waseema Mohamed Nawfer. She is eleven years old. She is studying in Year Seven at Ilma International Girls’ School. She helps me in my studies. She is very helpful to me and my parents. She is very kind to me. Her hobbies are reading and drawing. I love my sister very much.

Nabeeha Nawfer (7 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

How good manners help

As students we must learn good manners. We must always practice good habits because they are essential to live in society. We should not disturb others. We should always try to do our work without harming others in anyway. As small children, we should always obey our elders and also respect them.
We should be kind to each other. Only well mannered people can become good citizens of this country.

Udama Jayasuriya (Grade 7)
St. Lawrence’s Convent, Colombo

My teacher

My teacher’s name is
Ms. Kokila Balasinghe. She is tall and thin. She is fair. She teaches us E.A., Sinhala, Buddhism and Maths. She teaches us good things. She teaches us very well.
She is a vegetarian. She is an old girl of our school. She has short hair. I love my teacher.

Thevni Bandara (7 years)
Musaeus College

I am a girl. My name is Sanuli. I am six years old. I am tall. I like to eat mango.

Sanuli Ruwanpathirana (Grade 1)
Methodist College

My pet
My pet is a small dog. Its name is Micky. It is very beautiful. It has very bright eyes. Its ears are small. Its body is covered with soft fur. My pet is brown. It likes to play with me. When I give Micky a small ball it plays with it.
My pet likes to sleep during the day time. It mostly likes spending time outside our home. At night my pet goes out.
My mother says that it goes out to see the stars in the sky.
In my leisure time I play with it. It is very enjoyable. My pet can see in the dark.
My pet likes to drink milk.
I love my pet and it also loves me.
Bhagya Premathilaka
(12 years)
Dharmapala Vidyalaya, Pannipitiya

My best friend
My best friend’s name is Yousuf. He is six years old. He studies with me at Zahira College. He likes to eat egg rolls. He plays with me.
I like my friend very much.

Salman Fouzzan (Grade 2)
Zahira College

My brother’s Activity Day

My brother’s Activity Day was held at the
St. Joseph’s College Indoor Stadium. It was held on May 16. My brother’s school is Giggles International Montessori. My mother, grandfather, aunty, two grandmothers and myself, we all went to watch it.
My brother was wearing an orange colour suit. He participated in three events. His class is Kindergarten Brown. There were so many events and they also had a drill. There was a game for the parents. There was a game for the teachers too.
We all enjoyed it very much. And I also found one of my school friends there.

Onethra Jayasinghe (8 years)

Esala full moon poya day

Esala Poya falls in the month of July. The aspirant Buddha was conceived in Queen Mahamaya’s womb on an Esala full moon poya day. Prince Rahula was born on an Esala full moon poya day. Prince Siddhartha left the palace on an Esala full moon poya day. Lord Buddha’s first sermon to five monks after Enlightenment occurred on an Esala full moon poya day.
The Esala Perahera is held every year in Kandy.

Senan Kaluhendiwela (10 years)
Royal Int, School, Kurunegala

The peacock
The male peacock is a beautiful bird. Its neck is covered with lovely blue feathers. Its body is green and blue. Its glory is its long tail. It can open its tail like a fan.
The colours are blue and green and gold.
The bird is very proud of his tail.
He opens it and struts about to be admired. The peacock stands for pride. We say,
‘As proud as a peacock.’ The lady peacock is a plain brown bird. She has no tail like her husband. He has all the beauty.
In India, peacocks are sacred birds.
The peacock is called the mount of Saraswati – the Goddess of Learning. So it is very wrong to kill a peacock. But peacocks are great thieves. They do great damage to growing crops. Some people say that peacocks kill snakes. Some say that they can sense the coming rains.

Dineli Jayasinghe (11 years)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

Free Education System
In the olden days, education was divided into two parts. The rich sent their children to private schools because they had enough money to spend on their education. The poor had to send their children to government schools in the villages. Therefore, education was given according to the wealth of the person.
Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara was very much upset with this type of education. He introduced a bill in the Parliament called ‘Free Education System’, where every child in our country could get free education from kindergarten to the university level. Because of the bill, today we all are getting free books, uniforms, meals etc., in our school.
Therefore Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara is known as the Father of Free Education in our country. We should be grateful to him for this invaluable gift.

Sithara Darshi (Sci-I)
Jennings Int. College,

My pet
I have a pet dog. It’s brown and white in colour. Its name is Browny. He is a gift from my father to me and my brother.
It’s very playful. It is a Pomeranian dog. It doesn’t go out. And in the evening when we drink it asks us for tea. When we sleep in the evening it doesn’t allow us to sleep. It likes to drink tea. I love my pet dog.

R. Pream (Grade 3)
JMC College Int., Kotmale

The nature song
The flowers are pretty,
The clouds are blue
The trees are glooming
The breeze is moving
The sky is white.

The grass is green
And our country is beautiful
And the birds are singing
The butterflies are taking nectar too.

Matheesha M.
Adventist Int. School, Negombo

My grandmothers
I have two grandmothers. One is my father’s mother. The other one is my mama’s mother. My grandmothers names are Padmini and Luveena. One grandmother is sixty-five years old. And the other is sixty years old. One of my grandmothers lives on James Street with my grandpapa. The other lives with us.
Padmini Nana cooks rice and curry very tasty. Luveena Nana makes pasta well. They love me a lot. I too love them a lot.

Ashwel Ondaatje (7 years)
Bishop Edmond Pieris College, Chilaw

We can see them in our gardens. They fly from flower to flower sucking nectar. They are very clever insects. There are three kinds of bees. The most important of these is the queen and she is the ruler of the hive. Other one is drone. He is a lazy fellow. Worker bees do all the work in the hive, such as gathering honey from the flowers, prepare the wax, build the cells, feed the young and guard their home and the queen. They produce the honey. It is very nutritious and delicious.

Kavindya Perera
(Grade 5)
Hemamali Girls’ College, Kandy

My watch
My aunty Manchula presented me a watch with a set of its bars. The bars are in different colours. They are very beautiful. She brought it in a box.
I keep it at home. I wear it on special occasions.
I thank her for the present.

D. Majurika (Grade 6)
Nedunkerny M.V

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