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Giving nature a voice and educating youngsters on plastic waste

Giving nature a voice  and educating youngsters on plastic waste

Founder of Jo Kaminska Foundation (JKF), Joanna Ruda, has been running educational programmes about plastic pollution in the country. It’s almost 3 years now since she began her initiative, working with organizations and local communities to spread awareness about plastic pollution and suggests ways to combat this global problem on an individual level. Joanna who [...]

The Change

“Soma, Sandun Baby is coming next Sunday with his bride.” Suvineetha said. Soma is Suvineetha’s helper. When Suvineetha’s husband died, Sandun was only ten years old. Soma was a great consolation for bereaved Suvineetha at that critical moment. Soma tended Sandun as her own son. Though Suvineetha’s intention was to educate her son, he left [...]

Stylish dress ideas for the wedding season

The wedding season is almost upon us and it’s the perfect excuse to buy yourself a glamorous outfit.  Most girls opt for a maxi dress. As much as they are comfortable and minimal effort to style it has become far more common as everyone ends up wearing them at weddings. It’s also better suited for [...]

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