My brother My brother’s name is Zaid. He is three years old. He goes to school. He is very naughty. He likes to eat egg buns. I love my brother. Farah Zainab (Grade 1) Muslim Ladies College, Colombo 4 My family In my family there are four members. They are my father, mother, sister and [...]

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My brother
My brother’s name is Zaid. He is three years old. He goes to school. He is very naughty.
He likes to eat egg buns. I love my brother.

Farah Zainab (Grade 1)
Muslim Ladies College, Colombo 4

My family
In my family there are four members. They are my father,
mother, sister and myself.
My father is building houses. He is making houses and selling them for a big price. My mother is a housewife. She is making us food and drinks. My sister is the youngest one in our family. She is playing with me.

My father’s name is Dharmasiri Priyadharshana. My mother’s name is Sujiwanee De Silva. My sister’s name is Rasanga Rasanjali. My name is Viduranga Lukshan. I am the first
child in my family.
I love my family a lot.

Viduranga Lukshan (10 years)
Royal Institute

My hobbies
My hobby is playing Doctor Game with my doll. I am the doctor and my doll is the sick person. I watch TV.
I put water to the flower plants. I like to read storybooks.

Sherandi Fernando (Grade 4)
Bishop’s College

My school
My school is Mukarramah International School. The founder of our school was
Mr. Noor Cassim Moulavi who is presently running our school well. The present principal of our school is Mr. Zakir Sir. Our school is situated at Dematagoda and was started on September 4, 1997.
In the beginning there were only
50 students and 5 teachers. But at present there are about 150 teachers and more than 3500 students. The motto of my school is ‘We strive for Allah’s pleasure’. The colour of my school badge is green and our uniform is white. Our school has many buildings. We the students of Mukarramah have been gifted with a computer lab and science lab. Our school teachers work hard for the students to achieve their goals and the students too work hard to give a good name for the school.
Our school is being developed more and more. I wish that it would continue and
I am proud to be a Mukarramah!

Shainaz Thahir (Grade 10)
Mukarramah Int. School

Our family trip to Bentota

To celebrate Ammi’s birthday,
we went on a trip to Bentota.
We went on the highway. On the way we visited the Turtle Hatchery and the Beruwala Lighthouse.
In the Turtle Hatchery we took
baby turtles to our hands. They were mischievous. We had to cross the river to get the hotel we stayed in. On one side there was the beach and the other side was the river.
Early morning we gave my mother a pair of golden earrings. We stayed nearly ten hours on the beach.
It was a memorable trip for me.

Sinali Bethmage (8 years)
Musaeus College

My visit to Mandaitivu

Mandaitivu is a small island off the Jaffna Peninsula. It is 10km away from the Jaffna town. In between November and December it starts to rain heavily. So when we were travelling by train to Jaffna we came across many paddy fields and herds of cattle. After about seven hours, we arrived at the Jaffna Railway Station. We were spending our vacation at a Naval Base called ‘Welusumana’. My father is the commanding officer of that base.

In the rainy season, Mandaitivu Island is filled with green paddy fields. This attracts many migratory birds too. Due to the high salinity in the water, there are lots of mangrove plants on either side of the Jaffna – Mandaitivu causeway. Because of these plants the oxygen levels are high. After we arrived at the Naval Base, we had a rest.

My father had arranged to visit some places. We started off by visiting the famous
Nallur Kovil, then to Keerimala Spring,
Jaffna Library, Jaffna Fort, the bottomless well and also Nagadeepa. It was fun travelling to Mandaitivu and I loved it.

Anupa Rathnayake (13 years)
Royal College

My father
This is my father. My father’s name is Sanjeewa. He is fair and tall. My father is a businessman.
He gives me tasty food. He helps me to study. My father loves me.
I love my father.

Yenuka Rupasinghe (7 years)
Primary College,

My class teacher
Mrs. Chamari is my class teacher. She is very gentle and kind. She has curly hair.
She wears beautiful saris.
She is fair and fat. She teaches us Maths and Science.
She never canes us. I love her very much.

Sandhya Sudharsan (Grade 2)
Lyceum Int. School, Ratnapura

My elephant

My elephant
Is small
Like the size of
A small toy.

My elephant
Has white toenails
Like stars
Shining bright
In the night.

My elephant’s
Black feet
Are like the colour
Of the dark universe.

On my elephant’s dress
There are sequins
Fake gems and
Glittering balls
Like the glittering stars.

Vinuda Weerasinghe (Grade 3)
American Int. School
of Dhaka

The trip I went on

I went to Nuwara Eliya for our vacation with my family and two other families. They were old friends of my father’s. We all went happily.
First we went to a tea factory and we could see how the tea is produced under high technology. The same day we enjoyed going to Haggala Botanical Gardens. There were so many different flowers and various plants. We spent a long time in the rose garden. I didn’t forget to take photographs of some roses.
That day we hoped to go to Horton Plains but the climate was unhealthy. However, we visited Ramboda Falls.When we moved near the place the climate got colder and colder.
I love the places that we visited and hope to go on another trip next year.

Lakshi Upananda (15 years)
Wattegama Girls’ College

The escape
One day we went to a
hotel to take lunch. We should go to the second floor to take lunch. So we swam in the swimming pool and at 1 p.m., they told us that lunch is ready. So we got out.
We went to the changing room and changed and got ready to go for lunch. My mother and father decided to go by the stairs but my sister and I decided to go in the lift. So we got into it. Nobody was there.
We pressed the button and waited.
At once it stopped and we got scared. We sat there
crying without doing
anything. At once I saw a red button with a bell and I pressed it. At once a bell rang and my parents came running and we went out.
We promised not to go in the lift without our parents. We went on the stairs and we ate and came home. It was really an exciting day.

Sinethya Rajapakshe
(8 years)
Lyceum Int. School,

I am a bird
I am a bird with two strong wings. The wings carry me high up in the sky. From there I can see the world below very clearly. The trees, fields, rivers and hills are really beautiful when seen from the sky. The people below look very small.
As I can fly from tree to tree, I get the chance to eat various kinds of fruits every day.
I get mangoes, papaws, guavas, berries and so many other kinds. I like ripe mangoes best among them all.
Sometimes when I eat mangoes on trees, children look up and ask for a fruit or two. I gladly pluck a few mangoes and drop them down for the children to pick. Ho! How happy they are to get mangoes without any effort.

Leesa Fernando (12 years)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

My pet
My pet is a dog. Its name is Remo. It is very beautiful. It is white in colour. It likes to drink milk and eat meat.
Every day in the evening,
I play with my Remo. It likes to play with a ball. It runs very fast. I love my Remo very much.
R. Sanuksha,


My garden
I have a garden with many flowers. Butterflies come to drink nectar from the flowers. I water my garden every day. Birds come to my garden.
The flowers in my garden are rose, jasmine, shoeflower and sunflower.
I love my garden so much. So I keep it clean always.

Anaaya Ashik (7 years)
Royal Int. School,

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