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Book Week at the British School in Colombo

Book Week at the British School in Colombo

The Book Week at British School in Colombo provided a perfect launching pad to promote the reading habits of  the school’s young students. The week was packed with lots of activities exploring ‘A World of Authors.’ Students up to Year 6 were involved in the various activities organized.

Danes come to help the king

News spread that the Danes were coming towards Trincomalee, to assist the king. This shocked General de Saa. Meanwhile, attempts of Boschhouwer, who went to Holland, were futile. He also went there to seek help for King Senarath. In the month of May in 1620, five ships laden with arms and armaments and carrying soldiers [...]

Kids world

A character from a movie My favourite character is Elsa. She was in the film ‘Frozen’. She is a cartoon character. She has a nice voice and she’s beautiful and she has the power of ice. Her sister is Anna and she also has a nice voice. My favourite song is sung by Elsa. This [...]

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