A day at the beach The beach gives is fresh air. I play at the beach with my father, brother and sister. We make sand castles at the beach and fly kites too. I love to go to the beach everyday. Ranaka Dabarera (6 years) St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4 Tribute to my Principal Principal [...]

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A day at the beach

The beach gives is fresh air. I play at the beach with my father, brother and sister. We make sand castles at the beach and fly kites too. I love to go to the beach everyday.

Ranaka Dabarera
(6 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

Tribute to my Principal

Principal of mine,
You are never to be
You are the secret hidden in the past
Even though you think you’re gone
It’s just time running fast
We will never forget your words of wisdom
We are the ones you tried to mould
Into great clay pots and vessels
So many of us to hold
We all appreciate your kindness
For you taught us to see
The world and its wonders
You’ve accomplished it beautifully
You have built buildings and us girls
Of magnificent culture
You are a secret hidden
In our past and in our future

Anitra Perera
(11 years)
Ladies’ College

My sister
Saalihaa is my little sister. She is two years old. She loves to run and play with me. Saalihaa likes to eat chips and loves to drink milk.
She is fair and pretty. She likes to ride her toy car.
Saalihaa is sad when I leave for school. She enjoys watching Ceebeebies. She can say a few words. I love Saalihaa very much.

Hajara Azeem (5 years)
Daybridge Int. Montessori, Dehiwala

My brother
My brother’s name is Ashwin.
He is 17 years old.
He studies at Lyceum. He is tall and thin. His favourite food is cheese koththu. His favourite colour is black. His favourite sport is badminton.
He plays with me. He likes dogs. He likes listening to music. I love my brother very much.

Shashini Umasudhan
(Grade 3)
Bishop’s College

The environment is for all of us

Our surrounding is the environment. There are two main groups in it. They are living organisms and non-living organisms. Apart from these things, trees are known as living organisms in Science.

All animals including humans are dependent on the environment. So the environment is common for all. But man thinks that we are the only owners of the environment. So he destroys the forests, which are the habitat of a large number of animals, and constructs new buildings like towers.

The only animal that can think and use his imagination to create new things is man. But he behaves like an animal that does not have such a good knowledge. Man can identify good from the bad. So he should think twice or thrice before destroying a forest. If there are only humans on the earth, without any other animals, there would be no more diversity in the environment. As human beings, we have a good intellect so we should think about this again and work to protect and beautify the environment.

Shanika Rasangi (14 years)
N. C. E. F. Buddhist College, Mulleriyawa

My mother
My mother’s name is Shimaza. She is 31 years old. She is a housewife.

Her favourite colour is purple. Her hobby is reading books and papers. She is good and a caring mother to me and my sister. She helps me to do my school work.
Every day she gets up early morning and she prepares food for school and puts in my lunchbox. I help my mother at home to do her work.
My mother loves me and my sister a lot. I love my mother very much.

Shirazna Zahran
(7 years)
Muslim Ladies College, Colombo 4

World Environment Day

World Environment Day falls on June 5 every year. This day was founded by the United Nations to increase world awareness on environmental issues. This day was established in 1972 and the first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1973.
It is a very important day in the UN calendar and worldwide events are organized to celebrate this day. Events such as street rallies, green concerts, essay and poster competitions are organized by many groups. Apart from this, campaigns are also organized using hoardings sharing pictures of clean beaches and clean streets.
Every year, this day is hosted by a different country. This year the celebrations will be hosted by Barbados and the theme of this year’s celebration is ‘small island developing states’. This theme has been chosen, as island nations around the world are facing a lot of issues relating to climate change, natural disasters and rising seas.
Our environment is threatened and destroyed by both natural and man-made causes. Let us do whatever we can, even in a small way to protect our environment.

Binadi Almeida (11 years)
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Nugegoda

Good friendship
George Kingsley was a boy who lived in Moratuwa town. One day he and his family shifted to Colombo town. As it was a new place, George was very sad because of
leaving his old friends.

One evening, the neighbour boy visited his house. His name was Harshan. He was a Christian person. After some time they became good friends. One day, they decided to visit the harbour. At the harbour they saw many ships coming from other countries.

Suddenly, George slipped from the port. Soon Harshan ran and caught George by the hand and saved him. Then after this incident George understood a good lesson that good friendship leads to a friendly and  compassionate life.

Abishan (14 years)
Good Shepherd College, Batticaloa

Sri Lanka is famous for gems. Gems are very
beautiful and precious. Ratnapura is the main city famous for gems. Many
foreigners come to Sri Lanka to buy gems. The Blue Sapphire is the king of
Sri Lankan gems.
Other gems are rubies, cats eyes, topazes, garnets. Gems are used to make
jewellery. Gems are worn for beauty and luck.
I like gems very much.

Subagya Wanasinghe (Grade 7)
Dharmaraja College, Kandy

A pencil speaks
I am a pencil. My name is Atlas. I am yellow in colour. I am made of wood and lead. Also I am very smooth and pointed. I am long but I will be short. I am very pretty because of my colour.
I was made in a big factory in
Sri Lanka. I like to write quite nicely. When I was in a bookshop a little girl came and bought me for twelve rupees. I am very happy now because my mistress uses me very carefully.

My mistress is Mihashi. She shaves me once a week in a very kind
manner. She doesn’t suck me.
And also she doesn’t put me in the ink. She treats me very nicely and kindly. Therefore she is a good girl.
I help her to write nicely and her handwriting is very nice. My mistress loves me very much and I also love her.

Mihashi Ranasinghe (11 years)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

My mother
My two sisters and I respect our mother every day. She brings us food and cooks and feeds us. She brought us to this world. When we were
small she fed us with milk.  She helps us to do our homework.

She washes our clothes. She gets tired.  She is very busy because she must do many things. She brings us new clothes and keeps us carefully. She puts us to sleep. When we go to school she helps us to get ready. She is very beautiful and very kind. She puts spectacles. She has long hair.
I love my mother very much and she also loves us very much.

Sanjalee Samasinghe (10 years)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

Why breakfast is important
Breakfast is the most
important meal of the day.
Our forefathers had a strong diet. We shouldn’t skip our breakfast. We should have our breakfast early. Because it kick starts our brain. It improves concentration. It prevents tummy aches, bowel diseases and diabetes. Those who have early breakfast can perform well in studies. Therefore
breakfast is a must. Breakfast can make a healthy nation.

Sanishka Chinthani
(Grade 11)
Yasodara Devi B.M.V., Gampaha

What I use a computer for
I use a computer for many things. Just like solving sums, drawing
pictures, play games etc. A computer is very useful to us.
We use a computer in the leisure times only. We can’t use a computer all day. So we could learn a few things.
We have to do our homework first and then use a computer. On holidays such as April, August and December we could play games and do many things in the computer but we must continue our lessons too. We need to balance
learning and using a computer.
A computer is an interesting thing to us but as I was saying we must use a computer at leisure times only.

Shwetha Kawindani (Grade 4)
Sussex College, Ampara

My pet
My pet is a cat. Its name is Kitty. It is brown and white in colour. It likes to drink milk. It always says mew mew. It comes to play with me. I love my Kitty as my life.

Shewoni Sandareeka (Grade 3)
St. Jude College

Recycling, recycling,
What is recycling?
Recycling is good,
Just misunderstood,
Recycling is fun,
It’s like eating a bun,
It’s easy to do,
Cause your trash
And my trash
Makes up more.

Tired of weekly trash,
Where it makes a big smash,
Sick of dirty, smoggy air,
Which encircles you
Sad to see glass, plastic
and tin,
Hanging from the nearest bin,
If you think you can get cash from trash,
Instead of turning them to ash,
Let’s recycle trash and glass,
With the entire class…

Nuzla Rawsdeen
(Grade 8)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

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