My brother My brother is Chiran Kemya Bevan Pathirana. He is 13 years old. He goes to St. Nicholas International College. He lives in Katuwapitiya. His mother is Manjula and his father is Laksiri. He is in Grade Seven. His best friends are Dineth and Eamash. His favourite food is rice and curry and his [...]

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My brother

My brother is Chiran Kemya Bevan Pathirana. He is 13 years old. He goes to St. Nicholas International College.
He lives in Katuwapitiya. His mother is Manjula and his father is Laksiri. He is in Grade Seven.
His best friends are Dineth and Eamash. His favourite food is rice and curry and his favourite drink is Fanta. His favourite
subject is Maths. His hobby is collecting finished pens. His favourite game is Rugby. His favourite colour is
yellow. He is a good boy.
I love my brother very much.

Inara Pathirana
(8 years)
St. Nicholas Int. College

My name is Dilash Kumaranayake. I am eight years old. I live in Kottawa. I study at D. S. Senanayake College. I’m in Grade Three.
I have one sister. I like to eat rice and curry. I like to drink apple juice. I like to play cricket. My father’s name is Dinesh and my mother’s name is Manomi. My best friend is Senula. I like to be a cricketer one day.

Dilash Kumaranayake (Grade 3)
D. S. Senanayake College

When I was lost
“Trapped!” That was the word that came into my mind. Would you like to know what happened to me? Well, I was playing with my friends on the beach and suddenly I felt very inquisitive. I saw a cave about  100 metres away from where we were playing. The cave had ivy all over it. I decided to go and see what was inside. As I got closer, I saw something sparkling in the cave. Could it be a diamond?

When I got inside the cave,
I saw that the sparkling thing was not a diamond it was just a sparkling blue light from a torch which someone had left behind. Could it be true, were smugglers staying in that cave?
I suddenly felt very scared.

As I turned to run out, a rock slammed shut the entrance. When I turned back, the sparkling blue light turned off. Suddenly from the corner, about six scary men started walking towards me. From the other corner, four mean looking dogs started scampering to me. I was so scared, I screamed so loud that the rock started shaking.
Suddenly, I heard a voice calling, “Rakesh, why are you screaming?”
I opened my eyes and saw my mother next to me. I couldn’t believe it. This was just a really, really scary dream.

Rakesh Ratnasingham
(11 years)

The Importance of education to modern life
Education is a very broad term that does not only refer to basic academics like Mathematics, Geography, History or computers. It is about increasing our knowledge by discovering new things.
The importance of education to every individual is undeniable. It creates the ladder for success. Without education a person is incapable of greatness. An individual cannot contribute to society or earn money. It is said that knowledge is power and this is very true as it can take you a mile further.
An educated person can understand oneself better and differentiate between right and wrong or good and evil. It helps a person
gather new skills and abilities needed to face the future. Education plays a major role in the modern life of all individuals in society.
It lets societies to prosper economically by enabling them to develop common cultures and values. Every person must realize the importance of education and aim to ensure that they contribute towards their national prosperity by enhancing their education level.

Tehzeeb Bishri (9 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

My country
My country is Sri Lanka. It is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean. There are many communities in Sri Lanka. They are Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghers and Muslims. There are many temples, churches and mosques for the devotees of religions.
There are mountains, flowers, gardens and beautiful waterfalls in addition to rivers and tanks in this beautiful island. There is tea, coconut and rubber which are the main export crops that are grown in this country.
Thousands of tourists visit Sri Lanka. There are also butterflies in my country. I love my country very much.

Vinudi Witharana
(9 years)
Ladies’ College

My trip to the Zoo
I went to the zoo with my family. I saw lots of animals in the zoo.
I watched the Elephant Show. The elephants welcomed us and they stood on stools and they danced. Everybody clapped and took photos.
I saw a funny orangutan. There is an aquarium in the zoo. I saw beautiful fish. I had fun watching the animals and I learned a lot.

Hamda Ismail
(7 years)
Royal Institute Int. School

My brother
My brother’s name is Ashinda Udukumbura.
He is in Grade 5.
He is 10 years old.
He is our Junior School Head Prefect. I love my brother.

Sanuka Udukumbura (Grade 2)
Vidyartha College, Kandy

The Sun
The sun is a star. It is not a planet. The sun rises in the east. The sun sets in the west. It gives us light and heat. It helps plants to grow and make food.
It brings us the daytime. When it goes, we have night. The sun helps to change  seasons. Sometimes the sun is very hot and we wear
cotton clothes.

In winter it is not hot. It is very cold. So we wear warm clothes. In summer the sun shines bright. We can play in the summer. The golden sun in the clean blue sky in the morning makes the whole world beautiful.

Himasha Liyanage
(Grade 5)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

Where do butterflies lay eggs?
Butterflies are very
particular about laying their eggs. Most of them lay them on only one sort of plant because this is the plant that the newly hatched caterpillars will feed on. Most butterflies even choose a particular place on the food plant for the eggs and will leave them in no other place.

Janarthana Pushparajen (10 years)
Republican Int. School, Nuwara Eliya

Importance of water
For humans to live, they need air, water and food. Out of these, water is the most important and we can’t live without it.
Water is essential for every living being and also for plants. We get water from rivers, wells and lakes, because we use it for many purposes such as drinking, bathing, washing and so on.

It’s more important than food because we can live for several days without food but we can’t live a few days without something to drink. It’s not surprising that water is important. Seventy percent of our body is made of it. Water is also in our meals.Water is also needed by farmers to maintain healthy cultivation.
Industries use water for industrial activities, power stations use water  for generating electricity and fishing.

Water pollution takes place on a large scale when industrial waste is directed to waterways. People  sometimes dump garbage in
waterways. This causes water  pollution. As a result fish, birds and other small animals are killed. And people contract various diseases.
So let us all try to conserve water  without polluting it. Water is a gift of nature so we say that water is our life blood.

Athfa Rauf (10 years)
Benhill College, Gampola

Sinhala and Tamil New Year
The festival is in the month of April.
It is an important festival of the Sinhala and Tamil people. They make a lot of sweetmeats, wear new clothes and visit relatives at this festival.
We clean our houses and get ready.

My mother prepares a lot of sweetmeats like kevum, kokis, aluwa and dodol for us to eat. We share this food with our
neighbours. We worship our elders.
We go to the temple. We all enjoy our
village New Year festival. It is our favourite festival.

Santhushi Karavita (Grade 5)
Siriniwasa P. S., Walagedara

A pencil speaks
My name is Maped. I am orange and grey. I am tall and pointed. I have an eraser on my back. I am a pencil that is made of wood and lead. I am very pretty.
My mistress is Mithara.

She had cut one piece and had written her name, thinking that her friends would take it. She treats me very nicely. I help her to write nicely. Sometimes she cuts me with a sharpener but only once a week.

She puts me with some pens in a nice pencil case. I once met many other friends like me where I lived first. But I don’t think there’s a comfortable place in the world like where I’m living now. She sometimes plays with me, even with her friends. My mistress loves me so much. I love her too.

Mithara Fernandopulle (Grade 7)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

Trip to Selyn

Teacher gave us good news,
Hands arose from the crews.
The trip was to Wanduragala,
A place near Kurunegala.
Sounds of joy and laughter,
Teachers will look after.

It was Friday morning,
At 9.30 with teacher’s warning,
Students should be
Uniforms should be
We are ready to go,
And here we go.

Bus was full of song and dance,
The factory was a great chance.
We gained knowledge in a bunch,
Lots of photos in a punch.
We saw how the clothes weave
We were very sad to leave.

We next went to the
All our eyes were quickly zoom,
I took a little toy,
It really brought me joy,
We had a nice roam,
And time to come back home.

Shakya Wickramaarachchi (Grade 8)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

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