Be the No. 1 in your field of work, profession and business

WISDOM TRAINER International the pioneering Training Company who introduced Personality Training Field and English Language Training Workshop model in Sri Lanka is organizing the WEST plus WISDOM - Ultimate Life Mastery Program for the 21st successful year.

Master Trainer Dr. Kuma Iddamallena has been conducting this programme since 1989 and over 20,000 participants have completed the programme during the period.

WEST plus WISDOM - Ultimate Life Mastery Graduates - 2009

You under perform and struggle

"Psychological research shows that we use only 10% of the brain capacity we are born with, while 90% of the potential in you are hidden and unused throughout life. If you can learn to use 2% more of it, you will increase your life results by 100%. You may be good at certain things you do.

Still you have the scope to improve yourself in many aspects with regard to your personality." so said Dr. Kuma Iddamallena who has designed, developed and conducted the Ultimate Life Mastery Program titled WEST plus WISDOM and produced thousands of Life Mastery Graduates who have gained key leadership positions in many organizations in Sri Lanka and overseas. Our discussion with Dr. Kuma is briefed as follows:

All children go to school at the age of 5. They learn continuously throughout 13 years until they reach the last year at school. By that time they might have gone through many subjects. They might have passed many examinations. BUT…. Yes there is a big BUT there.

How many of the adults passed out of the schools can face an interview successfully with confidence? How many of the University graduates can do justice to their degree certificates when they face the job interview?

Although they have learnt English at school and University, how many can confidently speak the language fluently?

Some people know grammar very well but they mumble when they have to speak a few words because of too much of grammar consciousness or because of language phobia.

Problems you may have

School leavers, graduates, professionals and business leaders are all in the same boat. You may perform very well in some areas and do very badly in some other areas. You may lack confidence to go to a stage and make a presentation or a speech to an audience.

You may have hesitation to have fellowship in a social gathering to mix up with people. For instance you may have observed that some people enjoy to the fullest singing, dancing, chatting and having fun with every one around while you confine yourself to one or two known friends and spend the whole time with not much fun. You may perhaps suffer from the fear to move around.

You may overdo things at such places not knowing the standard etiquette (manners) to follow. You may like to go to the dancing floor and dance a bit like others but do not have confidence at least to walk to the dance floor and hang around, so you may avoid it feeling shy. You remain unhappy although you pretend to be smiling and happy.

Why struggle in the same level of life for years and suffer?

In work life you may suffer with numerous communication problems, relationship issues, misunderstandings, not getting the promotion you want, earning too low when compared to the qualifications you have obtained. You may have studied overseas in a prestigeous university and come back but you may have personality issues.

You may be frustrated about life. You may be getting annoyed and angry for no big reason. You may lack people handling skills and therefore hate others while you are also being hated by others. Therefore you do not get the position you dream of.

Sometimes you may have problems in your personal and family life. You start a love affair, marry and have children intending to have a happy life. Further you may be working very hard and earning money to have a happy life. But many a time you may have situations preventing enjoying life as you desire. There are so many unwanted unhappy quarrels due to mismanagement of family matters or misunderstanding. You do not achieve your life’s dreams and get frustrated to live unhappily forever.
Solution is Ultimate Life Mastery-WEST PLUS WISDOM.

WEST plus WISDOM- Ultimate Life Mastery programme is a finishing school for any person to master almost all soft skills of life. This program covers numerous subjects with which one can correct many weaknesses of his or her personality.

Speak in English in front of an audience without any hesitation, build a rapport with any difficult person and lead such person to do what you want him or her to do, Communicate effectively with people around you to get the results you want, Be one of the Top 10% of most successful people in your field of work, profession and Business.

Be totally focused on the future so that your past is no more bothering you, Have fellowship, mix with people in parties functions and other public places without any fear, Hold any leadership position with responsibility and confidence better than any body else around, Move with high end business community following the standard social etiquette (manners), Love others and be loved, Be happy and create happiness for others, Use all the creativity you are born with and increase your efficiency in everything you do, Sing, dance and have fun just like a kid, Be mentally and physically fit so that you look young and energetic whatever age you are in and position or rank you hold, Brush up all your life skills so that you get the real value out of all your qualifications, Do the best, be the best and achieve the best in your life business and profession, Earn more ,save more, be rich, help yourself and others… are some of the key benefits you can gain by attending the WEST plus WISDOM- Ultimate Life Mastery programme.

Who should attend

All those who aspire to have greater success in life profession and business can attend this programme. School leavers, University students, Professional students, all professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Managers ,Directors, Business Leaders have equally benefitted from the WEST plus Wisdom -Ultimate Life Mastery program in the past 20 years. Many of the past WEST plus Wisdom graduates have become outstanding leaders in their field in many public sector and private sector organizations in Sri Lanka and many countries in the world.

Any person interested in creating an amazing and attractive personality to become an outstanding leader can attend a free preview seminar conducted by Dr. Kuma Iddamallena from 2.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. at Wisdom Auditorium, Nugegoda on August 1 (Sunday).

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