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My playtime
By Nashwan Rawlins (Year 1), Gateway College, Rajagiriya

My playtime is fun
It is like a bun
I can run fast
Like a blast
I can play on the
monkey bar
Like a star
One day I fell down
Like in the town
My playtime is so nice

The parrot

By Kaveesha Rashmi (Grade 3), Bishop's College

The parrot is green in colour. The parrot lives in a nest. It has nice feathers. It has a red beak. It eats fruits. The parrot is a domestic bird. It has a nice necklace around his neck.

The parrot can fly. It has long nails. Sometimes the parrot comes to our garden. It is very beautiful.


By Minsadi De Silva (Grade 4), Visakha Vidyalaya

Plants are living things. Plants need water to grow. They also need light and air. Plants stay in one place unless moved. Many plants have the same parts. Most plants have roots, stems, and leaves. Most have flowers.

The roots grow down in the soil. Roots take in water. Most stems grow above the ground. Stems carry the water from the roots to the other parts of the plant. Leaves grow on the stems or up from the roots. Leaves make food for the plant. Flowers make seeds that grow into new plants.

An unforgettable day

By Melissa Fernando (Grade 5), St. Lawrence's Convent

An unforgettable day was on my birthday. The day of my birthday was a school day. It fell on a Wednesday. I took a cake to school for my friends and teachers.

Then I went home in the van. As I went home there seemed to be no-one at home. After I kept my bag, I walked in. My family and friends shouted "Surprise, Happy Birthday!"

I got a lot of gifts and later my friends and I played. I said thank you to my parents. It was an unforgettable day.

How I spent my school holidays

By Shenal Fernando (Grade 3), St. Peter's College, Bambalapitiya

We went to Nuwara Eliya during my holidays. We visited the New Zealand farm in Ambewala. The next day we visited Haputale. I celebrated my 8th birthday at the holiday bungalow.

We also went to the Cinnamon Lodge hotel in Habarana. We spent two nights at the hotel. There we had a summer camp. A lot of children participated in the summer camp. We also went on a safari to Minneriya National Park. I really enjoyed my school holiday.

My favourite person

By Sachin Athukorala (11 years), Ratmalana

My favourite person is Michael Jackson. He sings songs and he dances. In my Michael Jackson CD there are 20 songs. He lived in America. He had three children. He was a very rich person. He had two houses and 4 swimming pools.

He has done lots of musical shows. He sang lots of songs like 'Heal the World,' 'Billie Jean,' 'Earth Song,' 'You are not alone,' and so on. My favourite songs are 'Man in the Mirror, and 'Human Nature.' Today there is a film called 'This is it,' based on his life story. Although he did a great service, he died on June 25, 2009. He is still my favourite person. He is the best person.

Our English teacher

By Aysha Nazar (Grade 4), Aba-beel International College

Our English teacher is Miss. Shanika Perera. She is my favourite teacher. Her hair is long and she wears saree. She explains the lessons to us clearly. She comes to school by bus from Malwana. She walks around the class when she teaches us.

She is very good in her manners. We like our subject because of her teaching method. She never punishes us but explains everything well. She is always punctual. I love my English teacher.

My pen-friend

By Nuha Nafaz (Grade 2), Ilma International Girls' School

My pen-friend is Aamina Imadh. She is eight years old. She lives in America. She likes to eat mangoes. She likes to drink tea. She likes to wear Denims. Her favourite colour is brown.

She is helpful. She is tall and fair and has curly hair. I love her very much.

My sister

By Iyadh Khan (7 years), Royal College

I have only one sister and she is Uzma. She is in Grade Five at Muslim Ladies College. She can study well and she passed the Scholarship exam.

Her hair looks like Lasith Malinga's. She is very good but when she gets angry, she fights with me and my brother Mishaal. I will look after my sister when I grow up.

How good manners help

By Gnanem Karuniya (Grade 7), Good Shepherd Convent, Kotahena

As students we must learn good manners. We must always practice good habits because they are essential to live in society.

We should not disturb others. We should always try to do our work without harming others in any way. As small children, we should always obey elders and also respect each other. We must not tease or laugh at others, especially when they have done something foolish or embarrassing.

No-one would like a child who is bent on harming others. So, by behaving well, we can win the hearts of everyone. We should be kind to each other and speak politely. Only well-mannered people can become good citizens of this country.

My little brother

By Roshena de Silva (Grade 3), Fergurson High School, Ratnapura

My little brother's name is Ronal Keshan. He is only ten months old. He has two dimples on both cheeks. He is very cute when he smiles. We keep him in a playpen.

I love my little brother very much.

A butterfly speaks

By Parami Nawagamuwa (Grade 4), Girls' High School, Kandy

I am a butterfly. I have two beautiful wings. Pink, yellow, red, light green, blue and purple are the colours in my wings. Some children who see me say my wings are like a rainbow.

My friends are the other butterflies. In the morning I fly to the flowers and take honey from them. I live happily with my friends.

What is Influenza H1N1?

By Nuflan Iqbal (13 years), Kandy Grammar School

Influenza H1N1 is a flu-like illness. This illness can spread from one person to another through the respiratory systems and through respiratory problems like coughing and sneezing. This illness was earlier known to us as 'Swine Flu'. H1N1 does not occur by contact with pigs so the term 'Swine Flu' is not used.

Fever, headaches, body aches, sore throat, cough, running nose and occasionally vomiting are the common symptoms of H1N1. If you have the above symptoms, bed rest is very important. Then take nutritious food and drink plenty of fluids.

This illness has a high risk to the age group of less than two years and above 65 years. pregnant women and patients who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, kidney diseases and cancer.

To avoid this disease, avoid crowds, wash hands with soap, don't touch your nose or mouth
unnecessarily. If you meet a patient keep at least one metre distance. Using masks can also protect you from H1N1.

New Year

By Mohamed Mushif (Grade 3), Ikra International School, Puttalam

New Year arises on the first of January every year. After the Christmas festival, the people of the world are awaiting this day.

The New Year starts after 12 midnight of December 31 every year. The shops and companies give calendars and diaries to the customers as compliments.

In the New Year, schools start new classes. School uniforms and new books are given to pupils.

New Year is celebrated by all the people such as Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Christians. January is the first month of the New Year. Everyone is expecting their life will be happy and prosperous in the New Year.


By Samith Ailapperuma (Class 5), Trinity College, Kandy

Lions are members of the cat family. Among the big cats the lion is second only to the tiger in size. The lion is a fierce and powerful predator. A special feature, which sets the lion apart from other predators is its roar.

Only male lions have manes. Lions are the only social animals of the cat family. They live in groups called prides. A pride contains many related females, their lion cubs and a small number of adult males. Male cubs must leave the pride when they are two to three years of age and join a new pride.

Lionesses are caring mothers. They bear their young in sheltered dens and care for them until they are six weeks old. When they are old enough they will join the pride. All the lionesses protect the cubs. When the cubs are old enough they will join the lionesses for hunting.

When hunting as a team, lionesses do most of the hunting. They normally hunt during night-time. The lion is called the king of beasts because of its great strength and power.

My father

By Udulie Amarajeewa (6 years), Maliyadeva Girls' College, Kurunegala

My father is Dr. Sugath. He is the D.M.O. in Undugoda Hospital. He is thirty-eight years old. He is very kind to us as well as his patients. I am proud of my father.

My village

By Githmi Withanawasam (12 years), Southlands College, Galle

My village is Walahanduwa. It is very beautiful. There are lots of trees. It's situated in Galle district. The
electoral division is Akmeemana. There are tea plantations and paddy fields. There is a temple named Sri Sudharshanaramaya near our home.

My village has a tea factory and a lot of tea estates. It is a very beautiful area. There is a school named Janadhipathi College in Walahanduwa.

There are farmers, teachers, doctors, carpenters and masons in my village. There is a post office, a school, a bus-stop and a temple too.

I love my village.

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