Political Column
Govt. sees global conspiracy

This week saw the Government, which continues to maintain a high level of military preparedness, waging a political war on several fronts, both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

5th Column
A legacy proudly cherished by King et al
My Dear JRJ,
The Economic Analysis
Three imperatives for economic growth and development
Economic growth is a multifaceted phenomenon dependent on a multiplicity of factors both economic and non-economic. There are many non-economic factors that impinge on economic growth such as political stability, law and order, the rule of law, integrity and honesty of the public service, levels of health and education, among others.
Not issued this week
Focus on Rights
Of private palavering and public roars
The government's propaganda drive, particularly in this post active fighting stage and carried out as it were, also by other covert operators in sections of the private media owned by cronies of the political leadership jostling for favours, has all the classic characteristics of typical overkill.
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