Political Column
Sinhalisation of the SLFP

The February 14 provincial polls ended as expected with significant victories to the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA). Even more significant, as one poll gives way to another, are the unexpected realities that have dawned. They give a new face to politics in an embattled nation and portend to change the course of contemporary history.

5th Column
Defeat comes and hits them right out of the blue!

My Dear Green Man,

The Economic Analysis
Financing the economic cost of the peace
The anticipation of peace is accompanied with an expectation of a peace dividend and a spurt in economic growth. This is what could be expected if the end of the war leads to a settlement of the problems of the minorities and terrorist activities are minimised to ensure adequate business confidence and security in the country.
Not issued on this week
Focus on Rights
The Question of Justice and 'Post-Conflict' Illusions
It is incredible as to how there could even be talk of 'post conflict reconstruction' in Sri Lanka when the underlying factors for the conflict are still so predominant, fuelled as they are by increased xenophobia, overt racism and the outright negation of governance standards.
Inside the glass house
Corrupt politicos beware: Swiss banks coughing up secrets

A flamboyant Finance Minister of an Asian country once boasted to a group of friends at the UN delegate's lounge, the designated watering hole for diplomats, that his inexpensive Japanese wrist watch was really worth over a million dollars. But what was the catch?

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