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Sunday March 23, 2008
Vol. 42 - No 43

Starting over

By Godaya

See, I don't work full time. In fact, I rarely come into office. During the time in which I'm not writing, I'm either walking around taking photos, browsing the wonders of the internet (All hail Wikipedia and YouTube!) or picking fights with people.

Oh, and I used to work. When I say I used to work, what I mean is I left last week. Well, fired would actually sum it up better. So, now I'm back in the market, sort of. A friend of mine sent me an email (oh, the wonders of electronic communication) about an opening, and I (obviously) was interested. And about a week later, here I am at an interview.

See, I haven't done a "proper" interview in ages. The last couple of jobs that I did were more or less offered to me, and the interviews were done for the sake of having an interview. They usually went something like this.

Me: Hi!
PO: Hi back!
Me: So…
PO: So… Yeah…
Me: So… I'll come in and work from next week?
PO: Coolness…
(PO refers to Potential Employer.)

So the current affair was a tad bit different. There I was all dressed up in one of my famous blue shirts, and the pink-ish tie that I love to bits, in a waiting room with a couple of other hopefuls, clutching my referrals and certificates file.

Mothers-to-be probably feel like this, but then they don't speculate which one's getting the baby. They all do. It's not like having only one baby, and the one lucky mother gets it. Here it's different.

Whilst making small talk you try to figure out if X has an advantage over Y, and if you can beat up Z if it came to a fist fight, making bets with yourself about who is getting the job.

The time comes, dude walks into the waiting room and calls my name, and I walk in. Turns out my friend (whom I've never met in person before, by the way. We've just emailed each other and we're on facebook. Again, the wonders of electronic communication) is in the interview panel. I instantly recognize her from the facebook photos, we shake hands, and then we get down to business.

And I utterly mess it up! See, I've got something called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is a medical condition, and Verbal Diarrhea, which is not a medical condition. And I've recently started taking pills for it (ADHD, not VD. And VD is Verbal Diarrhea, not Venereal Disease). And now when I'm not on the pill (for ADHD, not THE pill) I tend to lose focus a bit more often than earlier. Like right now.

There I was blabbing away, firing my opinions at them, smiling like a Cheshire cat, and I have no control over my actions whatsoever. It was one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. On a more positive note, my friend was adorably cute in real life! The kind you just want to adopt.

Getting back, it's now been about an hour since the interview happened, I'm sipping a glass of peach iced tea (Yumm!) waiting for my friend to write in saying "I would have loved to hire you, but…". And then I'll be back in the market.

Despite being absolutely convinced that I'm not getting it, I think there is a slim chance that I might actually be hired. But do not panic my (handful) of avid readers! I shall continue to bring you the events of my life as a Godaya whatever my employment status is!

But seriously, wish me luck people, I need heaps of it.

PS: I've set up my various blogs on my own domain now.

You can read all of my articles plus the other little random rants at

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