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Sunday December 30, 2007
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Past, present and future Super Star singers

M. R. Mathiasz of Dehiwela, writes.....

The Super Star show 2 is over and the 3rd will begin in a month or two. Much has been said about this programme and before the next show I would like to pen my views about them and trust you will publish same.

In Sirasa Season 1, there were rumors about Malith and Shihan Mihiranga becoming the Super Star but finally Ajith Bandara was chosen. Nevertheless, it is sad that he is in oblivion. 'Sirasa' is promoting only Malith and Shihan and this is not in good taste. How come the SMS chosen Super Star is silent and not to be seen or heard? This is an injustice to him and to those who voted him as the Super Star! Nirosha Virajini who was a judge in this show is a very good singer and one of my favourites but she had only male favourites and the females stood no chance although there were quite a number of good female singers. Everybody saw it happening. Was it cold feet?

This time in Season 2 Pradeep Rangana was a super choice because he was a versatile singer and could sing any song - be it classical, semi-classical, western or light songs. It is my opinion that no other singer in the Super Start 2 show would have been able to sing the song 'Hansa Rajini' as well as Sunil Edirisinghe or even better (considering he was an amateur). Next in line for this song would be Nalinda Ranasinghe who could also have done justice to this song but not to the extent Pradeep did. Nalinda from what I hear is a member of a band and one could see that he has music in his body from the way he sings. It is a shame that he was not in the last three. Surendra in my opinion is good but not versatile. Some good singers who were better than him were dropped on the way to Super stardom! He was popular because his selection of songs was good. He chose all the popular songs sung by Jothipala, Milton, and Rukantha. Did he ever sing an Amaradeva song?

Last week there was a letter by a female reader in Moratuwa. I agree with most of her views but I totally disagree with some others - especially regarding the judges. Nirosha was allergic to females. Even a blind person could have seen it. I agree that judges should be changed but not for each programme. After 2/3 rounds some others could be brought it. Chandrika, Jagath and Bandara were very good but after a few rounds other musicians should also be roped in. Re emotions - only a mother or a parent will get emotional about children. Chandrika was one such person who considered all the contestants as her sons and daughters. One could see from the way she spoke to all of them how truthful, honest and loving she was in whatever she said. Coming from a family of singers and musicians she was very kind and caring when she uttered anything. Of course she appreciated the style, voice and the inborn talent of Pradeep which everybody did. But it is unfair and biased to state that the SMS system was jammed and that Pradeep won for this reason. It is an injustice to Pradeep, who seems to be a charming, versatile, talented and well-mannered singer. He was a genuine and a kind person even in success which was why he wanted to share and relish that moment with Surendra the runner up.

Nobody else would have done it. At this stage I would like to mention about another person - a band leader, musician, singer, TV presenter, baila singer etc. etc. He was from the same area as Surendra - that is well and good. On the final day he was in the audience and was asked for his opinion about the singers by one of the 'Scroso' presenters - I was disappointed in his answer. He said the programme was good etc. but he said in Sinhala 'E unath mama mage gamata thamai kamathi' - meaning Surendra. Coming from an experienced person like him it was not in good taste. How is it that he being all what I have stated above could not see the talent in Pradeep? He cannot be requested to judge any contest because he will not consider the versatility of the person or the talent but only give marks or votes to the person from his area - he is a biased person. He may even side his kith and kin if they were contestants. He was no ordinary person from the audience. If it was, we could understand but being a specialist in the music field, he should not have commented, in front of a whole audience not only here but also to viewers abroad in that manner. One may have one's own opinion but an experienced and a popular musician like him should not air his views in public but keep it to himself and think of his reputation.

It is certainly nice to know about the personal lives and facts about the contestants. It gives a big boost to the singers and they become popular too. All fans and viewers of these super stars, film stars, singers certainly like to read about their favourite persons and their lives. Those who do not like could refrain from doing so. There is no harm in it. Only thing is like Ajith Bandara and Amila nobody should hide the fact that they are married and - more so when they have children. It is an injustice to the partner and especially to the child/children. There are some others who wish to hide their wealth. I cannot understand this at all. Why should they hide that they are rich. God has given them wealth and prosperity not to tell lies and hide these facts. Do they think that people are jealous of their wealth?

Last of all, I do hope ‘Sirasa’ which is doing a marvelous job by seeking out hidden talent in our country will take all the good proposals which have been stated by their viewers and put them into practice in the 3rd Season.

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