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Sunday December 30, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 31


New Year's Eve is back and just a day away, and you've got the perfect outfit ready. But what about that important aspect that enhances your natural beauty and completes your look? You can create the perfect look, at home and by yourself, with just a bit of imagination and creativity.

Don't waste any time impressing, being complimented and feeling good about yourself. So here are some make up tips for New Year's Eve and any other special night… Go ahead and make some heads turn!

Moisturizer: Moisturizer is a must. It prepares the face for the foundation to come. It is much easier to apply foundation after your skin has absorbed a little moisturizer.

Foundation: A light foundation to be applied all over the face. Best option would be to use a sponge, but if you prefer your fingertips, that is okay too.

Powder: Keep a compact in your evening bag for quick touch ups. It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep a pad of blotting papers in your bag as well. Chances are, you are going to have a bit of shine before the night is over with all that dancing! No point soaking it up with your compact powder puff.

Blush: A blush that has a pearl sheen would be perfect. Sweep this gently over your face and add a little more to your cheekbones. Your face should have just a tiny bit more color than usual. You are looking for that glow tomorrow night.

Brows: Its easier to work with a dark shadow to fill in any sparse areas. It seems to fill in everything needed with no tell tale pencil strokes. Again, the choice is yours.

Eye Shadow: For the big night, a shade that goes with your outfit as well as your skin colour should be used. Over this base coat of shadow, add a thin layer of silver shadow. For the final touch, add a little more colour to the corner of each eye.

Liner: Liner simply gives your eyes that finished look, but be very careful with the application. A pencil is the easiest to apply and is always handy for a touch up.

Mascara: Use a black mascara that coats and elongates, but as the finale, look for a mascara that adds sparkle to your lashes. Ask at any department store...they will know what you are talking about.

Lipstick: You are looking to dazzle everyone in sight, so a wishy-washy color simply won't do. Using a lipstick brush, apply either a deep rose pink or a deep peach color to your lips, depending on your coloring. Apply a layer of clear gloss that has lots of shine.

More tips to enhance your look...

For a polished and perfect lip look, apply foundation on and around the lips before lip color. Foundation helps to prep the lip area for a more flawless application and helps lip color last longer. Blot lip color on the inner portion of your lips with tissue to avoid lipstick on teeth.

  • Lip gloss
    For the most attractive lip look, line lips with liner, fill with coordinating lip color and top with color-matched or clear gloss. Always keep lips protected with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick as it creates a moisture barrier to prevent dry lips.
  • Lip liner
    If you want to minimize full lips, use a lip liner to define just inside of your natural lip line. Fill in with a deeper colored lipstick. To make thin lips appear fuller use a pencil or lip liner to define the outermost part of your lip line. Apply your lipstick blending the lip liner, and add a slightly lighter color in the center to create a fuller look.

For under eye circles or skin imperfections, various concealer formulas to treat blemishes and even out discolorations. Whether you have oily, normal or dry skin, foundation can provide beautiful textures, comfortable formulas, and different coverages and finishes just right for you. It's easy to set your makeup for a polished look by swirling a large soft makeup brush in powder and dusting it lightly over your face.

  • Foundation
    To achieve an even application of foundation, use a sponge or your fingertips to pat and dab product, starting at the center of your face, then blend up toward your eye and past your jawline.If needed, add thin layers to build more coverage.
  • Blush
    Getting the best blush application for you depends on your face shape:

Face shapes

  • Oval
    If you have an oval face, there is no need to contour. All you need to do is brush your blush onto the apples of your cheeks for a pretty flushed look.
  • Heart
    To soften your chin, apply the brush to the lower part of the apples of your cheeks. Then blend a highlighter around the chin and along the jawbones to balance out your face.
  • Round
    To elongate the face, apply a brighter blush to the apples of your cheeks, but make sure not to go closer to the nose than under your eyes. Dust a deeper shade below the cheekbone down to the jaw line to contour the cheeks.
  • Square
    To soften the angles of a square face, apply a brighter shade blush to the apples of your cheeks, then brush up and out toward the temples to give your face a lift.
  • Concealer
    For a natural concealing of under eye circles, use a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone to offset the darkness. Blend concealer with your ring finger to assure a light touch when hiding under eye circles.To conceal a blemish with a natural looking appearance, pat concealer in a circular motion and lightly set with powder.


  • Mascara
    Always replace your mascara after 3 months of use. To separate lashes, position mascara brush at base of lashes and wiggle up the lash. Use fewer, longer strokes as opposed to quick, short strokes, while mascara is still wet for even more definition.
  • Eye shadow
    If your eyes are close set, concentrate color on center of eye moving outward, not on inner corners. To enhance your eyes, blend the lightest shade of shadow from lash line to brow bone. Sweep a medium shade across lid to just above the crease. Use a dark shade in crease and on outer corners of eyes.Use the darkest shade as a liner to define eyes or use over your liner to create a smoky look.
  • Eye Liner
    Go for a dramatic eye look that lets you create a sultry, smoky effect. To avoid an uneven application of your liquid liner, keep your eyes open when applying. Tilt head back slightly resting your elbow on a table for stability. Apply at root of lashes and work from the inner to outer corner of eyes.To make eyes look bigger, use two shades of liner in the same color family. Apply the darker one above your upper lashes and the lighter one below your bottom lashes.


For best results, apply two sprays of fragrance 2 to 3 inches away from skin. Want to WOW him? Spray a little of your favourite perfume on your pulse points or dab at the back of your ear. Make sure it's a playful mix of fragrance which epitomizes sexy confidence.

Mix a little of your favorite fragrance into an unscented body lotion to layer yourself in your signature scent. A very light spray of fragrance in your hair or on your clothes will envelop you in pure scent.

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