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Sunday December 30, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 31
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A Poem for the Week


Quiet and
People living in harmony,
Without any wars,
That is Nature.

Rainbows, sun and rain,
Trees, gardens, flowers,
Waving in the breeze,
As if saying 'hello',
That is Nature.

Ponds, seas, rivers,
And the fish,
Swimming here and there,
That is Nature.

Animals, plants,
Everything that's natural,

Minoli Gamlath
(6 years)
Ceylinco Sussex College, Kegalle


How I prepare for the year-end examinations

Even the sound of it makes me shiver. It is the most horrible yet exciting event of the year, apart from our Prize Day and Sports Day. Horrible, why? Of course, it's an exam remember? All exams are horrible. Exciting, why? There's the studies to be done, all the checking to do and the moaning and groaning about how much of work there is.

Talking of preparing, that part’s the awful part of the thrilling. I start out with easy subjects like literature. I start studying about a month before the exam, really hard. I break my head over hard subjects.

When the day of the first exam paper comes, I am really nervous and after that I feel ok. My mid year exam is just over, but the really scary one is just around the corner... The Report…

Farah Rameez (11 years)
Ilma International School


A story about the picture

As Tom and David were sauntering around in the park, there was a huge rain cloud approaching towards them. "Oh, no!", wailed David. "It's about to rain and drench my new shirt." So without squandering a second, Tom took his umbrella in case it rains. As they hurtled on, there was a huge crack of thunder followed by a gust of wind and an unexpected squall.

Soon both of them were safe under the umbrella. After a few minutes a soaked child was half under the umbrella. "Please share your umbrella. I don't want to get a cold." Squealed the child, who was now trembling. David being so impertinent, asked in an ill-mannered way. "Why didn't you bring your own?" The child began to snivel which indeed irritated David. Tom feeling compassionate said in a courteous manner. "You can come," and he made room.

The following day, David forgot to bring his and there was a heavy downpour. He saw the child from yesterday. "Can you share your umbrella?" he asked politely. To his surprise the child quoted the same words that David said. David was so ashamed. What you do to others will return some day.

Nishara Sangapalaarachchi (12 years)
St. Nicholas International College


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