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Sunday September 9, 2007
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Training on Ecotourism by SLETF

Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (SLEF), the pioneer National Ecotourism Organization dedicated to promote Ecotourism Sri Lanka, has made arrangements to conduct a series of Training Programmes on Nature, Adventure and Ecotourism from September this year.

It has successfully conducted similar Certificate Training programmes before, in association with Sri Lanka Tourist Board, for the National and Chauffeur Tourist Guide Lecturers, Members of Community Based Tourism Organization, staffs of the national and international NGOs etc.

The new training modules and practical camping programmes are exclusively designed to offer an in-depth knowledge on diverse areas related to ecotourism in a short period of time and on site practical camping programmes on Community Based Tourism, for the Travel/Tourism Marketing and Planning Executives, University students, teachers, researchers, Tourist Guides, hotel and Ecolodge staff, Journalists in electronic and print media and all those interested in widening their horizons in ecotourism and Community Based Tourism.

The Training Modules and Course structure cover more than 30 diverse subject areas such as, Historical background of Sri Lanka, Geological and topographical importance of Sri Lanka, Hydraulic civilization, the ancient Irrigation Technology, and the agro-based socio- economic, cultural pattern of Sri Lanka in relation to ecotourism.

The social, religious and cultural values of Sri Lanka, Identifying 'Adivasi' cultural heritage of Sri Lanka in relation to Ecotourism, Understanding the basic elements and principles of Ecotourism and its varied definitions, Historical background of Ecotourism in Sri Lanka, Principles of Community Based Ecotourism (CBE) and how CBEs could use to eliminate poverty in Sri Lanka, The latest trends in Ecotourism worldwide with special reference to Sri Lanka and the countries in South and South East Asian Region, The difference between mass tourism and emerging Ecotourism in Sri Lanka, Study of the concept of Eco Lodges and how to develop Eco Lodges in Sri Lanka, Understanding and identifying the existing and potential Ecotourism sites in Sri Lanka, Issues, Challenges and pitfalls in developing Ecotourism in Sri Lanka.

The other study areas are Heritage and Cultural Tourism and its relevance to Ecotourism, Planning of an Ecotourism Activity from the marketing point of view, Understanding the latest Marketing Trends in Ecotourism and major international Ecotourism organizations worldwide, Ecotourism outdoor Activities, Equipments, Camping, Navigation, Safety Precautions and the Legal Considerations in Ecotourism Programmes, Modern Guiding Techniques specially meant for Eco Tourism Interpretation, Forests of Sri Lanka, forests and Community Based Ecotourism development programmes in the dry zone.

The importance of National Parks, Nature Reserves, Protected areas and Wetlands of Sri Lanka in relation to ecotourism, Nature and Adventure Tourism, Techniques of Bird-watching and sites in Sri Lanka, Camping and its Importance for ecotourism as an outdoor activity.

Hospitality and mannerism: Behaviuor on the tourists, Respecting of the different Cultures and Cross-Cultural interactions, How the illicit Trade and Exports of Flora and Fauna of Sri Lanka affect ecotourism and many more in the list of study and training. The Training Programmes to be held at the Research and Training Centre, Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (located by the Bolgoda Lake) at Madapatha, (Piliyandala), during the weekends and public holidays. During the training, two technical tours for 3 (three) days 2/ (two) nights Camping Programmes will be conducted to 2 (two) Community Based Ecotourism Projects, located in the Eastern and North Central Provinces of Sri Lanka. The Training Programme will be completed within 30 days.

The maximum intake of participants will be restricted to 16 (sixteen). Those who need accommodation during the training could be arranged at the SLEF Training centre. For enrollments, Course fees and further details, please contact, Director, (Training) Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation.

Training Programme will be started next week at the Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation in Madapatha, Piliyandala
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