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Sunday September 2, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 14
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Stanley's soothing music

By Ranjith Bandara Attanayake.

New songs come. They become very popular. But without our knowledge they fade away from our hearts and very few remain or linger in our memory.

But this is not the case where yesteryear songs are concerned. Unfortunately most of the private radio channels hardly play these old hits. The combination of veteran musician Stanley M. Fernando and renowned dramatist Namel Weeramuni have come forward to fill that gap by organizing musical shows in which yesteryear songs are rendered at Namel-Malini Punchi Theatre, Borella every month. Old hits will be presented at these musical shows with the backing of mellifluous music provided by Stanley M. Fernando. He is assisted by popular violinist Stanley Omar.

Stanley started his musical career at S. L. B. C. as a violinist and rose to the positions of leader of orchestra and Controller (Music). Mr. Fernando during his tenure took the initiative to issue cassettes with yesteryear songs of Rukmani Devi, Sunil Shantha and cassettes "Nelum Pipeela", "Sela Lihini Kovul", "Samadhi", "Muni Siri Pada" and "Pasasa Gaya" (to commemorate the visit of the Pope to Sri Lanka).

After retirement he joined Private Radio Channel "Savana" (at present Sri - FM) and functioned as programme manager (Sinhala) from 1995 to 1996. Stanley was fortunate to win "UNDA" Merit Certificate in 1993 for Best Radio Programme and "Unda Abinandene Upahara" in 1996 and Kala Booshana (1998). He has provided music to films, teledramas and stage dramas too.

Stanley went to Oman recently and held several music shows there. Several expatriates studied music under him. The latest cassette for which he provided music is "Kithunu Gee" (Hymns) of Roy Fonseka. He is making arrangements to release the cassette "Feyara Maga Punchi Nangila" with children's songs sung by his grand daughter Mishel Ruwanthi Thalawinna and grand son Asela Sanmin. He is at present teaching music at "Susitha" institute, Wadduwa.

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