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Sunday, July 29, 2007
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Paule Cornet brings "French Songs"

"French Songs" (Chansons Françaises) performed by French musician Paule Cornet will be held at Alliance française de Kandy at 6.30 pm on Friday August 3, 2007. Born in 1964 Paule Cornet, versatile musician studied classical piano in Saint-Etienne and Jazz in Lyon. Her first experience in lyric writing was for the band "Jazzimut" which she led.

She obtained a masters degree in lyric writing at the University of Miami and formed her first jazz quartet "Irma! Mes bijoux!". Paule discovered Brazilian Percussion and plays "Le cri de la Bat" where she discovered street music. Through her travels in India, Brazil, Morocco, she encountered different types of international music. She then created the band CO which is an extraordinary meeting of classical and electro Jazz musicians.

Paule Cornet also composes for a children's choir and a junior orchestra attached to the regional conservatory of Lyon. Her greatest interest is the creation of sounds (sampling, ordinary music and improvisations).

She is also interested in current music trends and electronic sounds. Concert Program is Ballade de Johnny Jane (S.Gainsbourg), Le poinçonneur des lilas (S.Gainsbourg), Un homme une femme(F.Lai), Le vent (G.Brassens), Sentimental bourreau (B.Lapointe), Ta Katie t'a quitté (B.Lapointe), La java des bombes atomiques (B.Vian), Il est cinq heures (J.Dutronc), Mon amant de St Jean (Carrare, Agel), Le sud (N.Ferrer), Le téléfon (N.Ferrer) and et des chansons originales (Paroles Pitos, musique Paule Cornet);
The Alliance Française de Kandy warmly invites everyone to join the evening of music which is held free of charge.

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