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Sunday, July 15, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 07

Aney is it true?with nam

A war made in heaven
Now it is reported that the minister without power is planning to make a visit to the house that has temple flowers and complain to the ‘big boss’ against the minister with power saying that with this appointment he has been merely converted into a Mr. Nothing. Damn sin ane.

Teen blog
The teen captain of a certain sport who has over estimated himself had to be corrected by an official recently when he berated a visiting foreign player at Colts grounds, in a match where the former was not taking part. People say that this talented young guy has to be guided now. If not once he comes into the ‘big league’ he run may become very short.

Faux pas
Is it true that one of the interim person was appointed to that post even without his knowledge and finally when he saw the news in the Daily papers he and queried and the ‘big man’ sport and apologized to him for the faux pas.

Please help me
He was even featured last week in this column. Now this interim man who is a media man himself, is reported to be going around, asking his friends to write articles bloating his image. What a laugh.

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