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Sunday, July 08, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 06

Aney is it true? with nam

The Trojan Horse
Was it a doora or a wrong’un hurled at the Interim Committee by the Sports Minister? Why was the Banker turned commentator turned media-man turned press officer shot into the interim committee? Every one knows that he was a strong ally of the deposed regime of so and so who was unceremoniously dumped out of power by the minister’s predecessor. At the same time there is a certain regime in the eligibility criteria to hold post in the game’s hierarchy – a practicing pressman is not eligible to hold office. However it is also reported that it was so and so who wanted his friend in power now to place the Trojan horse inside the hallowed halls.

Battle of the titans
The two big wigs in sport moved to their locations. When the one who was not put into the cabinet moved in there were no officials to greet him and his entourage. However when the big ‘un came there were plenty of them hovering around. Adding insult to injury, we hear the big ‘un has captured some the cubicles allocated by the other one for his men at the location.

Tale of profit
They are now howling about a saving of Rs.187 million from the SAG which concluded last year. Then why the photocopier was was well guarded when the accounts were being photocopied. Were they trying to hide something from somebody?

The stammer
The stammering umpire was sent to a doctor by the authorities and the doctors report said that he does not have a stammer. However he was one of those who got through the umpires examination with flying colours. Any comments?

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