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Sunday, July 8, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 06

Mission to the Poorest

Mission to the Poorest, the charitable organisation run by the De La Salle Brothers helps the poor and the destitute of the Colombo North area, including women with children whose husbands are unemployed or those who have been deserted by their husbands.

The few mothers employed are hardly able to feed the children let alone have a basic meal a day. Living in shanties with leaking roofs and muddy floors, their 10' x 10' homes are dark and filthy. With water stagnating after the rains, access roads strewn with rubble and the area infested with mosquitoes, their living conditions are abominable. Not surprisingly older parents are neglected and many children do not go to school due to abject poverty.

These people need help and it is the conviction of the Mission that their living conditions must be made more human lest the results affect our society. For nearly half a century the FSC Fraternity has been offering them help, from the Mission's first moderator, Rev. Bro. Lionel of Mary, to its current moderator Rev. Bro. Thomas Philip via Bros. Emmanuel, Norbert and Nicholas.

Time and again benefactors have come to the aid of the organisers and the needy have been given dry rations. At Christmas, hampers are given to the needy followed by school stationery items in January to children. A destitute family living under the Grandpass bridge was provided with a house through the benevolence of a lady benefactor, a sick widow was admitted to an Elders' Home and a little blind girl helped to meet her medical needs etc.

Regular payments are made to some patients to buy drugs or go to doctors or attend clinics. The immediate need of the Mission is to find funds to meet the many needs of the helpless. As the Mission depends mainly on their members' contributions, the drop in members has aggravated the situation and they are looking for new members to keep the work going. They are also looking for more donors and benefactors who may be willing to help the poor. The Mission is now on the look out for auxiliary members who can donate at regular intervals i.e- once a year, every month or every three months.

Those interested could contact the Mission to the Poorest, 763 Aluthmawatte Road, Colombo 15 or direct your donation (cheques) to this address. All correspondence to be directed to Rev. Bro. Thomas Philip FSC/ Moderator or Boniface Perera, President TP. 2930366.

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