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Sunday, July 8, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 06

Two minute hurricane havoc

By Hiran Priyankara

The disaster left behind by the hurricane which lashed the Puttalam area last week was terrifying, with houses taking a severe beating. The most affected was the Anamaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha area where major damage was caused to Kottukachchiya village. Though the tornado-type wind lashed the region for only a mere two minutes, the damage done to houses was alarming. Six houses were damaged by the lashing of the unmerciful winds.

The sudden tornado took the villagers by surprise as winds came sans warning or any signs. Trees were uprooted and branches flung as far away as 1500 metres away from their original place. Two houses came down completely while four more lost their roofs and vehicles were damaged when they were hit by flying debris.

The cost of damage caused by the tornado is estimated to be in the region of Rs. 4 million. Six fishermen’s houses in Kalpitiya area came down while stronger structures had their roofs blown away completely. Four more houses in the Madurankuliya and Mundel areas too suffered damage.

Roads in Chilaw area were obstructed by fallen trees which however were cleared soon. The entire damage in the region is said to be over Rs. seven million, but mercifully only two persons suffered injuries. Davith Singho (61) described what he saw.

“It was six in the morning when I heard a deafening sound. As I looked up sheets from roofs were seen flying which scene scared me. This is my first experience of a hurricane. I later saw branches of trees strewn all over the place.”

The disaster management unit chief Colonel K. Mudannayake said it was a tornado and its impact was large but he was happy there was no loss of life. “I have contacted the Disaster Management Department and I hope the victims would be compensated,” he said.

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