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Sunday, July 08, 2007
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Intimate apparel manufacturer changes logo

By Lakwimashi Perera

Walking on the promenade at the entrance of Majestic City, one is sure to pass the many shoe shops and clothes shops possibly without a second glance, but among them is a shop window that catches the eye of almost every person walking by. The exotic colours and mysteriously alluring combinations of satin and lace that can be seen through the window of the Triumph boutique is a sneak peek of the treasures that can be found within the shop.

One of the stores

Triumph International, which has been operating in Sri Lanka since 1995, changed its logo yesterday and The Sunday Times FT spoke to Shuzanah Abdeen, General Manager of Triumph International Lanka Pvt. Ltd, about the logo change and the evolution of lingerie throughout the years.

Most of the Triumph products are manufactured in Sri Lanka at Bodyline which is a joint venture between Triumph International Lanka and MAS Holdings.

The logo change is for the global unification of the brand. The Triumph crown, which has been a part of Triumph International since its inception, will remain as will the red colour. "The red remains as red is the colour of sensuality," said Abdeen.

From the cumbersome and restricting corset of the 19th century to the modern bra, lingerie has come a long way in the last 100 years. Lingerie to the modern woman is as much about fashion as it is about comfort and purpose. Triumph International Lanka, which came to Sri Lanka in 1995, has been offering "Fashion and so much more" to women for the past 12 years. Until the mid-nineties, the local lingerie market remained in a very basic and un-evolved state but in 1995 Triumph International came to Sri Lanka and brought with it the much needed revolution. "The market was what we called a hibernating market," she said. Triumph introduced a multitude of fashion styles, pitching themselves as a fashion brand. "That's the way we immediately distinguished ourselves and competed in the local market. We didn't want to go on the angle of sensuality. Instead our brand promise was self-confidence. That has been our evolution."

Shuzanah Abdeen

The Triumph range has something for everyone Abdeen promises. There are the classics and everyday wear styles where the emphasis is on comfort and there are the more sensual styles.

Matching bras and briefs in exotic animal prints, adorned with little pink hearts or finished with elegant and feminine lace or even the more mischievous styles in material that resembles denim, it is all available. They also have a special bridal range, which will appeal to the brides-to-be, which is a bit more expensive.

"It is more expensive because it is imported," Abdeen said, stressing that the quality of the product, whether manufactured locally or imported, is the same. Triumph operates three boutiques in Colombo and Nugegoda where women can try the products on to find the best fit. The boutiques also have the air of indulgence with the plush interiors and specially trained staff to measure and find the best fit, taking the Triumph promise to satisfy the goddess inside every woman a step further. Abdeen explained that comfort is vital when it comes to lingerie.


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