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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 04
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    A Poem for the week

A rainy day

It was a sunny day when I woke up in the morning. I got a bit late to wake up. Mum said it's okay. It was a Vesak day. I had to go to the temple, to light lanterns and in the evening to go to see Vesak pandals.

In the evening we got dressed and started to light lanterns. It started to drizzle. Little by little it became a heavy rain. All my lanterns were washed away. We waited till midnight.

The television announced that most of the pandals had fallen because of the thunder shower. The roads were also flooded. My Vesak dream was washed away by the rain.

Ravinath Perera (8 years)
Leeds International School,



When the sun goes down to rest
And the moon comes up to shine
Magic creatures come to dance
And feast on dewdrops, honey and wine.

Lawn gnomes come to life and play
Fairies dance in their elegant way
Crickets give merry music to all
While everyone frolics in the night ball

But when the sun's refreshed face,
Peeks at the morning sky.
They scamper back, to their hidy-holes
And snuggle in their beds so warm and dry.

Vinul Witharanage
(11 years)
Royal Institute,




Floods are natural disasters. They are caused by heavy rains and downpours. The lowland areas in Sri Lanka are mostly affected by floods.

During floods many poor people suffer terribly. They lose all valuables and even their homes.
The recent floods occurred in Ratnapura and Kalutara. Many people due to this condition lost their homes, valuables, needs and some of them even lost their lives.

As soon as a flood breaks out, it is a good thing to climb on a tall building or stay somewhere high up. Gampaha and Kelaniya were also affected during the flood.

As far as people are concerned, a flood is easily the most dangerous disaster in the whole of Sri Lanka. It can bring such poverty, sadness and loss.

Sarah Jauffer
(11 years) Minaret High School


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