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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 03

Youth and energy gone in a moment

Rehan De Silva

It seems that whenever someone leaves us in such a sudden and harsh way, everyone says how special and unique that person was. In Rehan’s case, this was no exaggeration. He was a remarkable human being – a wonderful, giving, caring, playful person with a deep love for everyone. His death is a tragic loss to the entire family and his friends who loved him dearly. He was always full of energy. His smile could melt any sadness.

I feel honored to have known Rehan. He was my favourite cousin. My first memories of him were as a vivacious, charismatic, and extremely loving child who always had an enthusiastic, beaming smile that seemed to say, “Let’s go and embark on a new adventure!” He was always my fun-loving cousin.

We spent much of our early childhood together, and one of our favourite meeting spots was his place in Homagama. Wrestling, pillow fights, powder skating, sharing ghost stories and jokes were just a few of my favourite childhood memories of him.

Rehan grew into such a remarkable young man. He was the main organizer of all our cousins’ get-togethers. Through our late teens and twenties, we were living many states away and busy with our lives but we were always very near in our minds. The phone rang in the early hours of December 4, 2006 and the news was that Rehan had died in an accident. His death at 27 bears testimony that "the good die young". He was a gentleman, loved, respected and held in high esteem by all who knew him. I have never heard him speak ill of another. He always saw only the positive side of a person.

Twenty eight years ago, on June 13, 1979 God sent an angel to us who showered our lives with countless blessings and whose passing fills our hearts with unbearable sorrow. Rehan gave the world his joy and cracking laughter, his brilliance and integrity, his boundless courage, and his abiding compassion. Our precious and beautiful cousin Rehan is no more. Yet memories of him will linger.

I loved his individuality, his indomitable nature, and his enormous heart. To me he appeared to be a perfect human being with admirable qualities. Rehan, I still refuse to believe that you are no more and thoroughly regret not being able to salute you in your last journey, I take this opportunity to say not goodbye but “see you in Heaven”.

By Christine Hettiarachchi (Ungini)

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