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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 02

Aney is it true? with nam

Bus Gas Kepuwa
Finally the Busman met his Waterloo. He was busy cutting down some prize trees at the Reid Avenue complex when the international sportsman walked to the place and told him where to get off in the choicest words that one can ever hear. The Busman halted his act at once, but, ironically by that time he already had done justice to several other trees.

One plus one
In August 2007 it will be one year since the Colombo SAF games were closed. However the team is trying to cover-up the budget where they spent nearly Rs.1000 million for the games. What an irony?

Why only in English
Some are asking as to why the Magazine that the National Olympic Committee is hoping to publish will only be in English. They say most of the athletes are not very conversant in English and it will be a vain attempt.

Marvan’s calling
It is said that the change of thought about Marvan came only when he called up the petrolman and asked him to reconsider their decision to dump the former captain.

At it again
Some disgruntled elements are at it again. Now they want to halt all the votes that would go against them. The membership of the CCA which is ruled by the disgruntled elements, costs only Rs.300/-. But, the fact is that the clubs which have produced about half the national cricketers who have adorned the cricket field so far have delayed payment. Now the CCA AGM around the corner , and the authorities are trying to push these clubs out from voting at the CCA.

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