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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 47
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Sandagalatenna highlights the power of indigenous medicine

The miniplay 'Sandagalatenna' directed by Saman Kumara Liyanage highlighting the value of protecting indigenous medicine starts its telecast from today.

Written by U. B. Ratnayake the teledrama stars a mixture of veteran and young cast including Tony Ratnayake, Menike Ratnayake, Himali Siriwardena, Pradeep Dharmadasa, Sujani Menaka, Gihan Fernando, Daya Alwis, Maureen Charuni, Jayalal Rohana, Deepani Silva, Richard Manamudali, Daya Tennekoon, Somasiri Alakolanga and Seetha Kumari.

Ranmal Banda is a talented young man descended from a family of Ayurvedic physicians. Living with his mother he is well skilled in orthopaedic practice. Ranmal's cousin Sandawathi who grew up with him from their childhood is now a beautiful girl. She assists him in his work but at times they quarrel like a small kids. In the meantime despite her objection Sandawathi's parents try to get her married to a suitable man.

Quite a distance away from this village, Chandima a daughter of a well-known businessman, Thomas meets with an accident and breaks her leg. The doctors decide that the leg has to be amputated. Dismayed by the news Thomas makes an arrangement to send her abroad spending a large sum of money. But hearing about Ranmal through a friend, Thomas brings her to him. With Ranmal's treatment Chandima recovers soon. And a friend of Thomas, a lawyer, Leo is waiting to get married to her.

Meanwhile a matchmaker brings a proposal from a middle aged 'gramasevaka' for Sandawathi. Despite her objection, Wimaladasa, her groom makes a visit to her home and having seen the beautiful young girl he expresses his wish to marry her immediately. When discussing about this, Sandawathi gets angry with Ranmal too.

Recovering speedily Chandima gets attracted to her physician Ranmal. This infuriates Leo, the lawyer who is waiting to get her hand and he comes out with various schemes to do away with Ranmal. This threatens the life of the young physician. Leo also uses Wimaladasa who is a liquor addict to harm Ranmal and even he plans to poison him.

And the dates for Sandawathi's wedding is arranged by this time Ranmal has given his consent to Chandima. The day before the wedding Sandawathi meets Ranamal and reveals her long unexpressed love to him. Ranmal is upset at this new revelation. And Sandawathi in tears leaves the village with Wimaladasa. And Leo continues with his schemes to harm Ranmal.

Will Leo be able to achieve his goal to harm Ranmal? What will happen to Chandima? What is the future of Sandawathi's marriage? Watch 'Sandaglatenna' every Sunday at 8.35 pm on Rupavahini channel.

The technical crew included Suminda Arunalu handling the camera and lighting, Heenatigala Premadasa art director, screenplay U. B. Ratnayake and Priyantha Wijesinghe as the editor.

Assisted by Chamila Ratnayake and Kumudu Karunaratne Sandagalatenna is directed by Saman Kumara Liyanage.

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