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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 47

Aney is it true? with nam

A new cricket law!
* It was Mercantile Cricket match. Suddenly the fielding captain walks off the field, brings in a new ball and starts operating! Generally everyone who is involved in the game is aware of the normal procedure of taking a new ball. The irony is that the umpires who officiated in that game failed to take any action against the offender. How come?

* The Galle stalwart finished his tenure in office with the SLC and returned the vehicle that was given for his use. A while later when the transport people were inspecting the vehicle, to their utter joy several bottles of arrack surfaced that were hidden in different locations in the vehicle.

Who is this?
*Who is this former Sri Lanka top order batsman who was seen cocking his legs on a table while officiating as a match referee in local cricket? Shouldn’t he set an example to the others?

Why was this?
* The umpires are not a very happy lot, especially those who had to go back to their respective homes in far away places. They made a request to postpone the scheduled examination in view with the Sinhala New year, but, the person in charge made only a very small adjustment to the scheduled and as a result some could not enjoy a proper new year. Now they are querying whether this particular move was made by this person because he does not enjoy the Sinhala New year?

A funny trainer
* The netball coach in this girls school from Nugegoda is getting some bad reports. It is said that she is involved with activities more than her coaching responsibilities and the girls who do not agree to tow the line with her are subjected to victimization. Now the parents are reluctant to send their children for netball practices in this school.

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