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Sunday, April 22, 2007
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Three Cheers for Tokyo Cement

Chandra Jayaratne, a former chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has complimented Edgar Gunatunge, Chairman of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) Ltd, its board and the company for an innovative advertising campaign based on values.

In a letter to the chairman, he said:
“Our media is full of ‘negative’ news, which in addition receives top billing and extensive coverage. In addition, those who receive top spots in the media in Sri Lanka are those persons who are ‘negative role models in society’, especially for the young and youth of this country. In the context of the present external environment, not many in civil society pay sufficient attention to upholding ‘good values and norms of society’ and recognize ‘good role models’ nor do they attempt to uphold accepted good values that prevailed in our society and were once a part of normal Sri Lankan habits and behaviours.

The product advertisement Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) Ltd regularly broadcast in all three languages during the World Cup cricket matches is an excellent example of positively recognizing the good family values of honesty, integrity, commitment to uphold what is’ right’ and also care for the poor and elderly.

These types of ‘positive’ messages and role modeling of those with good values are a much needed life line in a nation where societal values and norms have been corrupted, with corrupt and unhealthy values and norms being recognized. Civil society must cheer Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) Ltd on its march forward and wish it every success, whilst recognizing its pioneering role amongst the business sector of Sri Lanka. It is the hope of civil society that more business entities, media and advertising companies will take a cue from Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) Ltd.”

Picture shows Dr. A.R.L. Wijesekara, Chairman Sri Lanka Standards Institution presenting the SLS 515 certificate to S.R.Gnanam, Joint Managing Director, Tokyo Cement Group.

SLS 515 certification for Tokyo Super Masonry Cement

The Tokyo Cement Group, at a recent ceremony in Colombo, has been awarded the Sri Lanka Standards SLS 515 certification for Tokyo Super Masonry Cement by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

In a press release issued by the company on the event, S.R Gnanam, Joint Managing Director of the Tokyo Cement Group, had reiterated that all cement products manufactured by the group conform to the highest quality standards as specified by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.


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