ISSN: 1391 - 0531
Sunday, March 25, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 43

Do not worry my love

K.P. Kulatunga

When the scourge descended
You laughed at its ferocity and death itself
And denied all fear of Mara
‘My only worry is not death but you,
your would-be-aloneness after
Two score and six, years of togetherness’ you said
‘The children I know will look after you but -
you paused.
Do not worry my love
The nest in the meda midula of which
You took such tender care is all agog
With new life and bird voice
And your grand-daughter Aanya is trying hard
To talk to them with words she still doesn’t quite command,
But soon she will.
Migara the master of many words
Says “Where is Seeya? Why you put him in box?
Four-year-old Elsa in NY says she has a problem
That Achchi is all alone in S.L. house
Your eldest grandson Ashan and grand-daughter Shenali
In their lofty child maturity say, “We never thought
Seeya would die so soon’ tearfully.
Poor things
They know not that all conditioned things
Are impermanent and unsatisfactory.
May your sojourn in Samsara be happy and short till you find the deathless state.

By Sita Kulatunga

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