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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 42

Aney is it true? with nam

Who is ….?
Who is the principal who instigated the manhandling of a student from another school while he was reveling with the schoolboys of his school at the cycle parade? It is reported that this particular student had joined the rest of the others on an invitation of a student from the school that had the cycle parade.

* Now comes another kick in the rear. The auditor of the kicking sport has queried the bills forwarded by its president over some of the bills that he has submitted after the foundation stone laying ceremony that they conducted in Galle.

20-20 fisticuffs
The receptionist from the cricketing hall and her boy friend had a free for all during the 20-20 final which was held at the Colts Grounds. Thank god there were other officers attached to the Board present to prevent the issue from going further.

20-20 fisticuffs (Episode II)
Later on into the night after 20-20 final during the ensuing party a player from the town near the hospital and a Board official both equally inebriated nearly had the second episode after the player pulled the official by the collar.

A Saintly issue
This selector came to see his son playing at the Battle of the Saints. Then after a couple of shots his tongue also got a little loose. Some heard him making a public statement to the effect “Can the Cricket Board mess with the selectors? We are not bound to what the Board tells us to do!. We select the player we want and we are only responsible for the person who put us here!”. One in the crowd lamented “National selectors should behave like national selectors”.

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