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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 42

Your chance to taste the glitzy world of beauty pageants

Beauty in all its forms is admired by everyone. Beauty contests are spectacular events, full of glitz, glamour and star quality. To girls the world over, it is a chance of a lifetime, to be chosen to represent your country on the international stage with a bevy of beauties, each more stunning than the other, all of them with the crown in mind.

It’s also a chance to stay in an exotic place like Mexico and be treated like royalty. All this and more is within the reach of the fortunate contestants. Television audiences from all over the world sometimes estimated at over 600 million people watch these pageants. Gifts are fabulous for the lucky winner, and the mammoth media exposure can lead to the fulfilment of many a dream besides winning the crown.

Miss Sri Lanka Jacqueline Fernandez

“Sri Lanka beauties have fared well in the past, and we have had our share of beauties, who have won titles, hit the world’s headlines, and been showered with fan mail, advertising and film offers,” says Rosita Wickremesinghe, National Director in Sri Lanka, for the Miss Universe Contest. “This is commendable, as there are tremendous odds that eastern beauties have to face in an event which is totally westernized.”

Commenting on the local contest, Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe, Rosita thinks that the organization has, over the years, moved much closer to the style of the international event in Mexico. “Our involvement and participation there has made sure that our event too is run on the same lines. Today, it is much more elaborate, more like a world class show unique in presentation with expert choreography and production.”

Other aspects of the show here are based on the international pageant. Judging is on the identical format sent from there. In keeping with our traditions, the swim suit parade is held in private. There are four-minute interviews for each contestant where the judges have a chance to assess the contestants. The only part of the event conducted in public is the parade in stunning evening wear.

The panel of judges is chosen from well known professionals, including those from the fields of fashion and beauty. The lucky winner is showered with several gifts of infinite variety and has a strict training period, where she is groomed for the exposure and celebrity fanfare of the international event where she will move among the glitterati of the world.

Parents of contestants sometimes fear for their protection and safety while abroad, but these fears are unnecessary, say the organisers. They are met on arrival, by show officials and taken to the 5 star hotel booked exclusively for them. Security is very tight. No visitors are allowed without prior permission and even phone calls are strictly monitored. Contestants are not allowed to leave the hotel unaccompanied by their chaperones even for a meal. A chaperone is assigned to two beauties sharing a room, so parents can rest assured that the protection of their daughters has been ensured up to the most minute detail. A strict regime of rehearsals, press briefings and appearances at charity events, all with their most attentive chaperones in attendance is planned for them.

The career of the lucky winner has already been mapped out. She is under contract to Miss Universe, Inc USA, and undertakes contracts, modelling assignments exclusively for them for the next year, till the next Miss Universe is chosen. After that, the world is her oyster, with a million choices at her feet.

Right now, eager for the chance of representing Sri Lanka, a set of young girls, all beauties, are getting ready for the Miss Sri Lanka contest to be held in April this year. The lucky winner will represent Sri Lanka at the Miss Universe contest in Mexico in May.

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