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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 42
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Princess leelawathie

By Halaliye Karunathilake
Edited and translated by Kamala Silva
Illustrated by Saman Kalubowila

1. King Vijayabahu, accompanied by his troops, went to face the rebels. The riots had started in the south, which was under the 'Yuvaraja.' The three rebel brothers attacked separately on three sides. The king managed to catch them and get them beheaded. This happened in 1075 AD. This incident increased the fame and glory of the king. It also put a stop to future enemy attacks.

2. It is during this time, that Jagathpala's wife and his daughter, Princess Leelawathie, came to Sri Lanka. All this time, they had remained as prisoners under the Cholas. Once the Chola empire broke up, they were released from prison. This leader, Jagathpala, who was better known as Jagathpala of Ayodhya, was the ruler of Ruhuna from 1042 – 1046 AD. He was killed by the Cholas.

3. This mother and daughter who came to Sri Lanka, settled down in Anuradhapura. King Vijayabahu, when he heard this, sent messengers and got them to Polonnaruwa. The king gave them a warm welcome and entertained them well. Later, the king and the queen of Jagathpala, had a long conversation over the recent happenings in the country.

4. In the midst of the conversation, the king made a suggestion to the queen. He proposed marriage to Princess Leelawathie. Saying that she had to consult her daughter on this matter, the queen did not give a final word. The king then said, "I shall not proceed without her consent." The queen too approved of it.

5. The queen then went to her daughter and told her about the king's proposal. The daughter told the mother, "All that is in your hands. It's your wish." From her expression, the queen knew that the princess liked the idea. She said, "Dear daughter, I agree to the king's proposal. He is a very good person and a warrior too at that. Moreover, who is the mother who wouldn't like her daughter to be a queen?"

6. The princess said that if her mother liked it, she had no objection. The queen then met the king again and told him about her daughter's consent. Before long, the wedding of King Vijayabahu and Princess Leelawathie was celebrated on a grand scale.

7. Time passed by. The couple led a happy married life. Queen Leelawathie, gave birth to a daughter and she was named Yasodhara. As she grew up, she was given in marriage to Prince Veerawamma. This couple were blessed with two daughters. The elder one was just like Queen Leelawathie and very pretty. So she was named Leelawathie. The younger one, was named Sugala. Both grew up as modest princesses.

8. In the meantime, King Vijayabahu's sister, Princess Mitta, had a number of proposals. Many princes were desirous of taking her hand as she was an extremely beautiful princess. In the midst of all these happenings, a prince of the Chola royal family came to Sri Lanka.


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