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Sunday, November 26, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 26
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    A Poem for the week

Friends in-deed

Keshan and Beshan are two very good friends. One day, on the way home, they bought two ice-cream cones from a nearby ice-cream parlour. They went talking and laughing while tasting the ice-creams.

Suddenly, Keshan's leg knocked on something on the road and he fell down. Though he was not hurt, the unluckiest thing happened. The ice-cream cone stood upside down on the road.

Keshan was very much disappointed and he did not have enough money to buy another. But Beshan said, "It's o.k., my friend, we can share my ice-cream.” They went home happily, sharing what was left from Beshan's ice-cream.

Nirmani Dasanayake
(8 years)
Mahamaya Girls' College


Up the street

Up the street
On peddling feet
Here we go Shennin and I,
And a song we sing
With a ting-a-ling-ling
As we both go cycling by!
Our wheels go round
With a 'swishity' sound
As fast as the wind we fly!
Through village and town
Now up! Now down!
Here we go Shennin and I.

Vinuri Weeasuriya
(10 years)
Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya

If I could give myself a new name

Sangamiththa is the name I could give myself as my new name. It is a name related to our religion, Buddhism.

Sangamiththa Theraniya was the daughter of Emperor Ashoka, who ruled India. She was the sister of Arahath Mihindu Thero who brought Buddhism and culture from India. She brought a sapling from the ancient Jaya Sirimaha Bodhi to Sri Lanka. Even now, everyone goes and worships the sacred Bo tree. She is responsible for commencing Buddhist priesthood for Sri Lankan women. Ancient Sri Lankan women gained equal recognition after she came.

Some schools and houses of schools will have my name. I will be an exemplary personality with the influence of this important name. I will also be a very disciplined child following the footsteps of the Theraniya. My name will be in history and it will be uncommon.

Vinu Wijeratne (9 years)
Viharamaha Devi GC,


A message in a bottle

When I am stranded on a deserted island and had to write a note which must be put in a bottle, I will write "There is a treasure worth billions in the Revere Island. First come first served," and throw it the sea. I would choose to write that caption because nowadays there are lots of thieves and treasure hunters. So by any chance if this little note was seen by them, I would be rescued. But if that note reaches someone, that person might inform the policeman.

I would be glad if I could get rid of this island because I am afraid of the hooting of the owls in the night, ghostly shadows of the trees and the silence and loneliness. I would wait until the day comes when I was rescued by a brave policeman or a traveller so that I could return to my home with pride and joy.

Zahra Jazeel

Ceylon Hotel Corporations Kiddies Club

The launching of the Ceylon Hotel Corporations Kiddies Club was held on Saturday 28th October, 2006 at the restaurant of the National Zoological Gardens. One of our neighbours, uncle Marlambe gave us an invitation, and we phoned aunty Michelle and enrolled ourselves (my brother and myself) as members.

We went to the zoo at 10.30 a.m. with our parents and grandmother, as they had planned to celebrate the 'Pied Piper's Birthday.' We all sang "Happy Birthday" and marched along the Zoological Garden with the Pied Piper blowing a trumpet. A big cake of the Pied piper was taken to the open air ground, where the elephant dance takes place. Then the cake was cut by the Birthday Boy and cake was served in plenty to all the kids as well as elders, along with Cargills Sams sausages, Cadburys chocolates, popsicles, lollipops,free photos of ourselves and name stickers. The elephant show was very amusing, with spectators great applause. The kids enjoyed the delicious short-eats and the fun events. All were thrilled to see a man carrying a baby Chimpanzee and all the kids petted the Chimpanzee and shook hands with him. Pamphlets were given to the members, of the benefits of being a part of this club. We say a very big "Thank-you" to the Ceylon Hotel Corporation for organising this party.

Nithipan Suresh
(Grade 6)
St. Peter's College


My favourite Cricket Player

My favourite cricket player is Adam Gilchrist. He is 35 years old. He is a Left-handed batsman. He plays for the Australian cricket team. He is a very good batsman. He often hits sixes and fours. In his ODI's he has scored more than 10 centuries and more than 25 half centuries. He won the first place in the ICC one day international batting rankings. He is also the Australian wicket-keeper and the vice-captain.

On October 18th, when playing against West Indies he scored 92 runs. He played well but his team did not and so Australia lost the match. He is the opening batsman of Australia. His highest runs in ODI's is172 vs Zimbabwe. His highest score in test matches is 204 not out

vs South Africa in 2004. I watch all the matches that Australia plays. He is a good wicket-keeper and a famous player for Australia.

Praveen Prathaban
(9 years)
Belvoir College International,

My School

My school is Musaeus College. It is a girls school. It is a big school. My school has big buildings. My school is in Rosmead Place, Colombo 7. I like my school.

Lahini Adasuriya
(Grade 2)
Musaeus College



My Brother

My brothers' name is Abdullah. He is two years old.

He is a cute boy. My parents are very fond of him. He likes to play with us. He is attached to my mother. He likes to eat ice-cream and wattalappam. He plays with his toys. I love him very much. He is a lovable boy. His favourite pet is a white cat. He likes to feed his cat.

Zainab Sarafdeen
(Grade 3)
Fathima Muslim Ladies College,
Colombo 10.

My School Concert

Every year my school has a school concert. More than two hundred children take part, and I was one of them. I participated in the band, where I played the bass drum. We had to practise for many days before the concert and we even had a rehearsal on the day of the concert.

It was a beautiful day, which started with the arrival of the chief guest. The whole concert lasted for four hours, during which time we children sang, danced, acted and played music. Everybody enjoyed it, especially our parents.

Most of all we had great fun and were very proud that we had given a good concert. At the end, all the children were given a little gift. I enjoyed our concert day very much.

Parami Jayawardene
(Grade 6)
Vidura College


My Hero

Who is my hero? Well, it's my father. His name is Ismath. He is from Chilaw. He comes from an educated family. There are doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, educationists, writers etc. He is a cousin of Dr. Abdul Kalam, the President of India.

He is a simple and quiet person. He loves to work hard. He is very punctual and very responsible. He is very clean and neat in his work. His most favourite person is his mother.
He spends a lot of money on us, especially on our education. He is kind, helpful and generous to all around him. I wish that I too will grow up to be like my father.

Fathima Shammarah Ismath
(9 years)
Minerat High School,

My favourite flower

My favourite flower is the rose. Roses are very beautiful. People plant roses in their garden. In my garden there are beautiful roses. Roses are red and pink in colour. I love roses very much.

Minuri Undugodage (8 years)
Musaeus College


My dog

My dog's name is Tiny. His colour is black and white. Tiny can run fast. I like to play with Tiny.

Pasindu Wickramasinghe (Grade 1)
Trinity College,

Crazy on Harry Potter

I'm a year nine student at Nimala Maria College. I simply like Harry Potter very much. It's the most beautiful magical story ever! I've read the six Harry Potter Engish books and the Sinhala translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I'm waiting eagerly for the other books.

I collect Harry Potter rulers, pencils, notebooks, books, name stickers, erasers, pencil cases, book markers, bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, pocket calendars, gift wrapping papers, gamesets and also every Harry Potter article that I can get hold of.

I've seen four Harry Potter films and cartoons. I forget everything once I dive into a Harry Potter book. I actually feel as if I'm really there and everything's happening right in front of me! You wouldn't understand how much I like it. I'm simply crazy on Harry Potter!!

Savani Udeshika (Grade 9)
Nimala Maria BV,


The Poppy Day

Every year in the first week of November we could see people wearing poppy flowers. We can see small wreaths of poppy flowers in vehicles too.

Why do people only wear poppy flowers? As my Environment Studies teacher Miss Shazeen Ali told us they are the only flowers which grew on the battle fields after the World War 1.

In Sri Lanka poppy flowers are made by the disabled soldiers who are in Ranaviru Sevana. In the month of November we could see people selling poppies by the roads. Money you get from selling these is used for the welfare of old soldiers and disabled soldiers.

The reason we wear these red flowers is to show the others that you are remembering the soldiers who died for our countries.

Harini Nanayakkara
(Grade 4)
Lyceum International School,

Caring for your dog

You must take a dog that fits into your home and garden. The right age to take a puppy is eight weeks. Before that it is too early to take it away from its mother. You must select a healthy puppy.

You must teach it good habits. Train your puppy to use a suitable place for its toilet. Teach the dog to come when the owner calls it. Teach your puppy to walk with a chain without pulling. Many trips in a vehicle will teach it to travel without a fuss.

Let your puppy meet many people and dogs of different sizes. It will not be afraid of strange animals. Give it nourishing food and exercise. Brush and bathe it daily. Take it to the vet when it is sick.

You must be careful about your health too. Wash your hands after you play with your dog. Do not let the dog play with your toys. Give it anti-rabies vaccine. Then you will have a good pet.

Samith Ailapperuma
(7 years)
Trinity College,


Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allahabad. His father was Motilal Nehru, a wealthy Brahman lawyer.

In 1916 he married Kamala Kaul and in 1917, they had a daughter, Indira, who became the Prime Minister of India later. He was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and he followed the nonviolence principle.

He fought with the British government to get independence. Nehru was imprisoned by British rulers several times. In this period he wrote some letters to his daughter. At present these letters are popular among everyone.

In 1947 India received Independence. So he became the first Prime Minister of independent India.

Hasara Somasiri (Grade 9)
Holy Family BV,

My town

My town is Matale. It is situated in the Central Province. It is a big town. There are many government buildings in my town. They are the hospital, schools, and police station etc.

My town is very beautiful. It is surrounded by the Knuckles hills. There are four communities living in my town. They are Sinhalese, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. They live peacefully. I love my town very much.

Nuzrath Azees (12 years)
Mt. Amina Girls' NS,


Beauty of nature

Flora and fauna
Water bodies and forests
Add beauty to the nature
Add colours to the nature.

Sweet scent of wild flowers
Lovely tunes of various birds
Add beauty to the nature
Add values to the nature.

Colourful butterflies and fish
Bio-diversity all around us
Add beauty to the nature
Add diversity to the nature.

Streams and waterfalls
Canals and rivers full of pure water
Add beauty to the nature
Add beauty more and more to the nature.

Supun Malsha (Grade 9)
Sujatha Vidyalaya,


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