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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 24
TV Times

"Teledramas and Housewives"

This is concerning a letter sent by a viewer this week, asking "Sirasa Ran Depaya" be telecast during the afternoon. I think teledramas should not be shown in the afterrnoon, specially during 3.00 - 6.00 pm, which time is most suitable for children's programmes.

Mostly schoolchildren will watch them if shown during this time.

Since all TV channels show mostly teledramas in the primetime (7.00 - 10.00) there is no point in changing telecasting times, as people will simply switch onto a another channel. Only Sirasa TV would lose its audience.

Frequently I hear complaints by men about housewives watching teledramas and neglecting housework. It's not only housewives but most men and working women also watch teledramas. Most of these teledramas films are made by men and they are avid watchers too, I think there are too many teledramas and the majority are useless anyway.

Most women I know watch just one or two teledramas each day and many none at all. Of course there are TV addicts and changing tele casting times will not solve the problem. It's unfair to always single out women for blame. What about men who watch cricket matches for days, neglecting even office work? Housewives should be able to watch a teledrama or two at the end of the day and not do house work all the time.

A viewer from Ganemulla writes……

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