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‘Samanala Yaya’: A failed trick
‘Samanala Yaya’, a twenty episode teledrama scripted and directed by popular filmmaker Mohan Niyaz, is telecast on ITN on Wednesdays. Produced by Raja Nanayakkara Samanala Yaya revolves round some melancholy incidents that took place a decade ago. The miniplay is a mystery teledrama with the spice of a love triangle to flavour it. It tells of a sad tale of a young couple who kidnaps a child to realize their love.

Jeewaka and his mother Sita lives with Uncle Danasiri and his wife due to acute financial problems. Jeewaka loves his uncle's only son Bhaggya. Before long Danasiri with Jeewaka's help become a successful businessman. Jeewaka had an affair with Vajira a garment factory worker who has attempted to commit suicide when an earlier affair failed.

Jeewaka had some misunderstanding with his aunt and uncle. Ramani his aunt accuses him of robbing and tries to convince his uncle that he is the culprit. Jeewaka shows that the money that should have come from the sale of a van where he and his uncle owed was not received. The businessman who purchased the van has not given the money. Danasiri refuses to give the money that Sita initially gave him to start his business.

To collect his dues Vajira thinks of a plan. That is to kidnap Baggya his cousin and demand a ransom. Baggya too agrees to the scheme and willingly goes with his cousin into hiding. Vajira's friend Pumi and her boyfriend Dushmantha are accomplices to the plot. Danasiri had no intention of giving any money. Yet he collects the ransom money from various sources with Jeewaka's help and hides it at home.

When they realize that no money is forthcoming Dushmantha and Pumi take Baggya from Vajira's house and keeps him in a flat in Colombo. They demand money from Jeewaka. What happens when Jeewaka tries to release his beloved cousin after taking the money that his uncle had hidden at home?

Semini Iddamalgoda, Sriyantha Mendis, Rukmal Nirosh, Maureen Charuni, Susantha Chandramalee, Shirantha Premawardena, Swarnamalee Jayalath, Chana Galappaththi, Rupa Gomes and child actors Kasun Chamara Kumanayake and Chamith Perera play in this teledrama.


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