Court restrains PGIM from releasing exam pass list
By Apsara Kapukotuwa
The Appeal Court has issued a restraining order to prevent the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine from releasing the Ophthalmology final examinations pass list.

It is believed to be the first time that a restraining order has been issued regarding a Post Graduate exam in Medicine. The next hearing of the case was set for December 1.

Dr. Shianthi Perera, the complainant had named 72 respondents, including the PGIM and the Senate of the University of Colombo. Citing several instances of irregularities in the conducting of the exam, she sought either the holding of fresh exams or a uniform policy for Ophthalmology examinations.

Notice has been served on the Vice Chancellor and the Colombo University Senate, the PGIM Director and Board of Management and the Director General of Health Services, in this regard.

Among the irregularities Dr. Perera mentioned was that she was failed from the exam even though she obtained higher marks than the set 72 pass marks.

The examiners had stated that she failed one section but Dr. Shianthi Perera stated that in the previous year those who failed that section were accorded passes if they obtained the necessary marks from the other sections. She has also mentioned that one examiner had even written to the PGIM regarding the clinical exam, saying that certain examiners were apparently trying to favour certain candidates.

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