Driving licence sans delays
A new scheme to expedite the issue of driving licences at the RMV has been introduced by Motor Traffic Commissioner B. Wijeratna. This new service came into effect last week with the assistance of the Postmaster General.

A completely new envelope has been designed to mail driving licences to their respective holders. "This new envelope comes with a window on it and is expected to help the postman to identify the recipient and minimise incorrect deliveries," he said.

"Everyday about 25,000 driving licences are issued by the RMV and this new system I introduced is expected to streamline our system and provide a better service to the public," he said. In order to avoid errors and ensure a speedy service, he makes the following requests from the applicants:

To write clearly in your own handwriting your name and address, correctly spelt. The application form is usually filled by the driving school staff who are not familiar with the names. To paste your photograph on the form. Some applicants staple the photograph to the form. This, he says, must be avoided.

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