Better prospects for software produced in Sri Lanka
Software Exporters Association Chairman Jayantha de Silva, said the local software industry would benefit by the UPFA government's first budget proposals where the use of software produced in Sri Lanka is encouraged.

"We are pleased that our suggestions presented at the Budget proposals meeting were accommodated", he said. The Budget proposals meeting was initiated by Finance Minister Sarath Amunugama as a means of taking into account diverse views when preparing this year’s Budget.

The Association expressed its hopes this sector would grow rapidly and become a major industry in Sri Lanka and even capable of providing software for both the local and export markets.

"Our primary objective is to develop this industry which currently has a revenue of US$ 75 million and employing some 6,000, to one where the revenue reaches US $ 1 billion and could provide employment to about 40,000 people", he added.

Mr. de Silva said Sri Lanka has the skilled personnel to make this a reality and international companies should be encouraged to invest in Sri Lanka and to develop partnerships with local companies.

The SEA has a membership of more than 40 companies and is actively working with the Export Development Board, the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka and the ICT Agency to promote Sri Lanka as a premier software developer.

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