Now black air tigers
The news may send shock waves reeling down the political and security establishments. Somewhere in the jungles of Wanni, Tiger guerrillas are training their new breed - Black Air Tigers.

They will complement those from the Black Sea Tigers and Black Tigers - the commando equivalents at sea and on land. The Black Air Tigers, authoritative reports from Wanni say, are training with LTTE's newly acquired microlight aircraft. They are known to have at least three of them.

Judging by the training that is being imparted with sand and other models of target areas, it is clear plans are to be prepared to attack some.
VIP targets in Colombo. They include political leaders as well as security forces top brass among others. Black Air Tigers plan not only to wear suicide vests but also carry quantities of explosives in a microlight aircraft they plan to crash on a target.

In one practice run, a makeshift public event where a political leader was addressing, was said to be the target. The microlight aircraft was to zoom into the stage just when the VIP was speaking.

A general outside the battlefield
Will Defence Secretary designate, retired Major General Asoka Jayawardena, be promoted to the rank of a four star General?

Speculation is rife that a promotion, which he did not receive whilst serving in the Army, may come his way before he assumes office on December 1.

Later next week, Maj. Gen. (retd.) Jayawardena, now Governor of the North-East Provincial Council is playing host to his fellow colleagues during meetings in Trincomalee.

The former Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) officer told friends last week he is still awaiting his letter of appointment.

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