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‘Bavathra’ deals with science fiction
By Susitha R. Fernando
Situated away from three galaxys away, ‘Bavathra’ is a planet in which a set of alien creatures exist. They are technologically and intellectually more advanced than humans. They discover that within the next 50 or 100 years they would cease to exist and their planet would be completely destroyed.

With the new discovery a group of scientists decide to go in search of a dead planet to which they could move or an alternative planet where they could coexist with the living being there.

Moving at an invisible speed one of the spaceships falls in to a remote hilly village of Sri Lanka, Kandaliyadda due to a technical failure. At this time the villagers are conducting a big religious ceremony- Yagaya to get rid of a plague which had been troubling the villagers for several years. The villagers take the unexpected incident as a miracle and believe it was a result of the religious ceremony. When the villagers go into the forest to complete the final stage of the ceremony the alien who repair the spaceship that broke down begins to fly again. No sooner the spacecraft gets to the sky it’s destroyed completely.

However one of the aliens, ‘Saththa’ (Senaka Wijesinghe) who landed in Kandaliyadda loses his way. Hence he is saved from the destruction. Exhausted and in hunger having no food for several days this alien creature regains strength by eating barks of trees and drinking milk from a cow belonging to a farmer in the village.

Meanwhile a woodcutter in the village, Andaris (Mahendra Perera) who was having an incurable sore on his back gets cured completely after rubbing the diseased area on a tree in the village. He does this accidentally. He tells this to Veda Mahattaya-village doctor (Joe Abeywickrema) who was treating him for a long time and the doctor secretly goes in search of this particular tree. And he becomes popular around the country as an expert in treating wounds and sores.

Now Saththa who keeps his background a secret becomes familiar with the life in the village and he takes up living in the temple. He has taken a human appearance and goes as ‘Saranga’.

The other special figure in this village is Samadee (Sanath Wimalasiri) a young science teacher who has got a transfer from the city. He studies astronomy. Like other villagers, Samadee who also witnesses the destruction of the alien’s spaceship on the very day that religious ceremony was held, does not believe that it was the outcome of the religious ceremony. He writes an article to a newspaper about this mysterious appearance and Professor Ruwanwella (Ravindra Randeniya) an expert in the study of aliens and other planets arrives in Kandaliyadda to meet Samadee.

And while Samadee and Professor Ruwanwella probe the mystery, a villager, Solaman (Gamini Hettiarachchi) comes across the Black Box of the destroyed spaceship and he hands it over to Samadee. It reveals many hidden information about the appearance on the day of the religious ceremony and Saththa, the alien who was living among the villagers as a human being.

The cast includes Joe Abeywickrema, Mahendra Perera, Sanath Wimalasiri, Ravindra Randeniya, Anula Bulathsinhala, Gamini Hettiarachchi and Senaka Wijesinghe.


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